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North West England Restaurant Guide at Jessicas Juice

Excellent Restaurants that are Child Friendly!

But First, we'll answer a question. Why Jessica's Juice? The name of this magnificent website dedicated to eating out in restaurants and pubs with your kids, is named after our youngest daugther and probably the most foodie 2 year old you ever could meet. As soon as she discarded the need for milk, she became addicted to food and the better the food the more she likes it. So to keep her in the style she has become accustomed, we (Chris and Wendy) visit many restaurants, pubs and cafes with her and her 6 year old brother Charlie searching for great food and drink.

What's New at Jessica's Juice

July 2004

After a very busy June, and most of July on the work front, it's the kids school holidays and I'm finding a bit more time to go out and sample some more North West eateries. Our first and probably best discovery of the year was no thanks to us, but to a reader of Jessica's Juice (thanks Andy), who tipped us off about the Cafe Trio in Chester. We made our first visit this week and were bowled over by the top standard of both their English and Thai food. They are sure to be one place we'll be visiting many times in the coming months.

June 2004

Very busy at work but still must eat. Our favourite restaurant of recent months has been Sergio's near the cathedral. A couple of dishes which we had not tried before but which were very nice were their fish soup and seafood spaghetti. Two definite dishes to reccomend to anyone who likes the odd prawn! Also, for anyone on a budget or only wanting a smaller portion, the prices of most of their pasta dishes (starter portions) are brilliant being less than four quid in most cases. You may think, that you want a proper feed and not a starter, but the starter portions are quite big enough for most appetites, especially if you also have something like a pizza garlic bread to share at less that three pounds.

May 2004

Another hot day, and after a very average KFC for lunch we did not fancy an Indian meal in the evening, so we decided to do as promised and give Jasmine House another go and see what their food was like when we were really hungry! We went for the Crispy Duck, Special Chow Mein and Crispy Won Ton. However, on this occasion they were not on 100% form, perhaps next time?

After a nice afternoon walk with Jess, we've also made a mental note to try the Travellers Rest (The Tup) on Highlands Road for lunch one day next week! So will report back once we've accomplished that task!

...and there's more...

A Little More About Jessica's Juice and It's Restaurant Reviews

Anyway, back to the purpose of this site. As we travel with our kids around the North West of England and North Wales, we aim to visit and review as many restaurants, pubs and cafes as possible. We'll also throw in a few great food shops and deli's and even takeaways we've found in our travels where you can get food to take home.

Unlike many restaurant review websites, we are not after perfection, just good places to eat out with the kids, either for an evening meal or a quick lunch while out shopping. We also, don't aim to publish details of every eatery we visit, as we cannot see a point in 'reccomending' somewhere we did not enjoy. This said we're not going to just provide a plethora of glowing reviews, and if we don't like stuff about any establishments, we'll simply tell the honest truth.

This said, every review in this guide is simply our opinion and a reflection of our tastes in food, wines and places to eat. So please, treat it like it is, a straightforward restaurant review guide, aimed at people with kids.

Lastly and not least, what if you're reading this and don't have little ones nipping at your heels. Well, lucky you, but on a serious note, in this family there are two adults and two kids, and these reviews are looking for good food for everyone in the family and not just grub to please the kids, so in these reviews we will give full details and comments on everything about a given gaff, including the food and drink both we and the kids had.

Also, as mentioned before, our kids especially Jess is a bit of a foodie, and if possible we look to give them both good healthy food, so in many cases the kids will eat as well or better than we do! So there's not many chicken nuggets and chips or mushy sausages and mash in these reviews (not if we can help it that is)!

Hope you enjoy this guide, and if you have any comments please feel free to drop me an email to!


Chris Green & Wendy Chen
plus Jessica & Charlie (of course)!

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If you would like to comment on what you have read here or think that your restaurant, pub or cafe would be a suitable candidate for inclusion in this site, then please to drop me an email at

Alternatively, if you're the owner/manager of a restaurant we've featured and we've got anything wrong or you'd just like to add some more info our review, again, please drop me an email, and we'll be happy to oblige.

Please note : Addition of your restaurant/cafe/pub to Jessicas Juice does not cost a penny, so please contact us, as we welcome any information on your establishment and will endeavour to include as much info as possible which will be of interest to our readers (menus, opening times, special offers, dress code...).

Disclaimer : As with everything food related, taste and preference is a matter of personal opinion. As such all the reviews on this guide simply represent the views of the writer in respect of their actual visits and are based upon their personal likes and dislikes. Please do not take any criticisms as personal to the establishment concerned, nor consider a glowing review to be a guarantee that you will also like the eatery, things obviously change over time and even from day to day, and meal to meal.

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