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Cafe Review of Eddisbury Deli in Frodsham

Our Rating : 8/10

A great place for a snack or light meal in Frodsham!

Eddisbury Deli is a lovely little cafe and deli, on the Eddisbury Square 'shopping centre' just off the main drag in Frodsham. Just turn left or right at the lights in the town (there in only one set), and go under the railway bridge, and the cafe is in the little shopping complex on the right. Parking is free, although you might have to go round the small carpark a couple of times to find a space.

I would best describe their food as top quality cafe food, and although it does not have any specific kids menu, there are plenty of offerings which will be lapped up by your kids.

As we go to the Eddisbury Deli on a weekly basis, it's quite difficult to do a standard food review. So just to simplify things, here's a quick list of the stuff we get virtually every time we go...

What Wendy Had to Eat...
Wendy's favourite and usual meal at the Eddisbury Deli is the soup and bread, which is always tasty and hot, and varies daily. Although you may say a soup in not much, these soups are more like a meal, in a big bowl with a round of thick freshly sliced bread to go with it.

What Chris Had to Eat...
I tend to be a little more hit and miss and pick from the extensive menu what takes my fancy. Some of my favourites are, Panini with Chicken, Brie and Cranberry Sauce, a much better than normal Cheese and Ham Toastie (go for the large version which comes on the thick hand slices bread), the All Day Breakfast which is fantastic, but not that good for my diet.

What Charlie Had to Eat...
Charlie, like myself loves the Cheese and Ham toasties, but he also likes the combo platter which for 3.95 comes with a great selection of nibbles like, spicy curly fries, potato wedges, breaded mushrooms and onion rings together with 2 dips in little bowls from a selection of about 8.

What Jessica Had to Eat...
Jess being the foodie of the family, loves to try a bit of everyone elses food which she gobbles down in next to no time. She also loves the biscuits which come with the coffees.

What We Had to Drink...
They offer all the usual classy cafe drinks, including Latte and Mocha, which we often have. The Mocha being brilliant and not too sweet like it is in many places. On a more unusual note, they offer Hot Apple Juice with Ginger or Cinnamon. Personally we have always gone for the Ginger variety which is made with Apple juice from the Eddisbury Fruit Farm in Cheshire. The taste of it is great and lovely on a cold Winters day. If you like the stuff they sell bottles of both the flavoured apple juice and a wide selection of bottled juices from different apple varieties to take home.

What Does It Cost...
As I have mentioned before, we have visited the Eddisbury Deli for meals on many occasions, but on average I would say that for 3 main meals and drinks we usually end up paying about 10-12.

Other Info...
As the name suggests, it is not just a Cafe, but a deli too. Although not selling the widest selection as offered by some Deli's it does offer a good selection of Cheeses and meats, a range of Chatwins cakes and breads, a good variety of bottled Drinks, Tyrrells Handmade Crisps and much more.

Contact Information

Address : Eddisbury Deli, 6 Eddisbury Square, Frodsham, Cheshire WA6 6QS

Telephone Number : 01928 732988

Website :

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