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Pub Review of Golden Pheasant in Plumley

Our Rating : 6/10 + (9/10 for the beer)

A nice country pub with a good bar and restaurant menu in rural Plumley, with a great selection of real ales!

Golden Pheasant is quite a big country pub/restaurant and hotel near the railway station in Plumley and as such they have both a bar and restaurant areas and menus. I have visited their a number of times and always enjoyed my stay, both when with family and when on lunchtime outings from my old employers at Barclays in Knutsford.

The following review was written with regard to a visit we made with my Mother and Father for his birthday in early March 2004. On this occasion we ate in the bar (as we usually do when we visit this pub) and as per many such establishments, it's the requirement to decide what you after, and then take your table number (from the candle holder) to the counter in order to order your meal. Drinks are also ordered in the normal way from the Bar.

One warning, before you decide what you want off the bar menu's have a look at the specials board which is opposite the food counter, and also ask the counter about the special offer for 2 courses for 10 and if you're older the senior citizens menu.

What Wendy Had to Eat...
Wendy on this occasion went for Soup of the day for starters which was a nice if unadventuous veggie soup.

For mains she opted for a meal off the special's board which was entitled something like chilli beef and cheese questadillas. It comprised 3 packages made from tortillas which had been filled with a chilli minced beef mix and deep fried (we think). Unlike other such dishes we have had in the past these had not been fried into oblivion but we hot and soft with a few crispy bits. The dish came with a generous helping of rice, which to Wendy's Chinese outlook was bit of the dry side. The filling of the questadillas was good and hot, but in opposition to the mussels I had for starters was hot temperature wise and a bit lame on the chilli side of things.

As with most of our meals, we end up trying each others, and I ended up finishing one of Wendy's questadillas and some rice, which I really liked but after the spicyness of the starters would have been more pleased if it had had a real kick. Nonetheless it was duly dispatched!

Given the sizes of the starters and main courses, both Wendy and I decided to skip the deserts and just sat there watching my Mum and Dad polish off theirs.

What Chris Had to Eat...
I decided to go for the special offer 2 courses for 10 menu which the Golden Pheasant offers which was cunningly displayed on a board just inside the entrance to the bar. From it's printed nature, I would presume that this menu changes quite regularly as this was the first time I had gone for it.

For starters I had a decent sized bowl of mussels in quite a spicy chilli sauce (possibly a little too hot for some including Wendy). These were very nice although slightly smaller than the mussels I have come accustomed to in my many visits to the Belgium coastal towns. Nonetheless, it was all despatched as per specification.

For main course, I went for a Venison Pie which came as a large slice of pie with a thick sauce (sorry can't recall what it was precisely). The meal came with chips and a dish of varied vegetables which were all good.

What Charlie Had to Eat...
To put it simply, Charlie had nothing, as he was at school that day! Poor Charlie, he missed a good meal!

What Jessica Had to Eat...
Jessica, although present, had already had her lunch before leaving home for the meal, and therefore, just had a small plate onto which we all put a little of our food all of which she seemed to like.

What My Mum and Dad Had to Eat...
As they are both a little on the ancient side, they both decided to go for the Golden Pheasant Senior Citizens menu which comprises either 2 courses for 5.90 or 3 courses for 6.60. The starters available either include Soup of the Day or Breaded Mushrooms with Garlic Mayo. As my Mum is not a great eater she decided to go for the 2 course menu and skipped the starters. My Dad on the other hand went for the full monty, and went for the Breaded Mushrooms. They came on a large plate with a decent sized bowl of mayo in the middle. There were more than enough mushrooms for the whole family. As such, my Dad could not complete the task and it was upto Wendy who loves mushrooms to finish off his helping. She approved and stated that they were well worth it, especially since the same dish was about 3 on the bar menu.

For main courses on the old folks menu, there was a choice of Roast of the Day, a Salmon dish and another option which I can't recall. Both my Mum and Dad went withough hesitation for the Roast which they had both enjoyed on previous visits. On this occasion the it was Roast Beef which although not the most tender they had ever tasted was in their words a really good tasting bit of beef.

For deserts, the choice on the menu was either Pudding of the Day, which was Bread and Butter Pudding or Ice Cream. As creatures of habit both of them went for the B&B pudding which although not quite as nice as on a previous visit was deemed to be much better than most B&B puddings they had suffered through in both pubs and posh restaurants.

What We Had to Drink...
I went for my usual pint at the Pheasant which is JW Lees Moonraker, which is a delicously different strong pint of ale which always hits the mark. Forget your wines and lagers, this ale has it all, rich, dark brown, strong and tasty. It's so rich it's almost like a Guiness on steroids. If you don't fancy such a rich drink, give a go to their Vulcan Wheat Beers which is a lovely light drinking wheat beer which will go nicely with any food.

Wendy for drinks went for her usual when she does not fancy beer or wine, which is Malibu & Pineapple. Nothing much to say about it, only as expected.

Jessica had a drink of Apple and Mango J2O which was as expected and my Mum went for her usual which is Apple juice.

My Dad an ale lover, like myself, went for a pint of Bitter Shandy, which when made with JW Lees ales is usually and was better than most.

What Does It Cost...
Most of the main meals on the bar and specials menu cost between 5 and 10, and can be generally be described and good or very good value. Drinks, depending on your selection are sometimes a little on the high side, especially for Cheshire, but it's all good stuff so what the heck.

Other Info...
As mentioned above, they do offer a number of special offers, including 2 courses for 10 or the senior citizens menu, check them out before going for fare from the standard menus.

From a kids point of view, in nice weather there is quite a good outdoor play area.

Lastly for completeness, I must mention their filled Ciabattas and Chips, which I have had on numerous occasions when visiting this pub on lunchtime trips from my old workplace in Knutsford. With prices between 5 and 6 they are well worth it, my favourite being the Steak on Onion Ciabatta which I last had and much enjoyed in January 2004 on a visit and meeting with an old work colleague and mate Rick Jones who is the webmaster of the excellent Old Classic Cars which is a must for any fan of classic motors.

Contact Information

Address : Golden Pheasant Inn, Plumley Moor Rd, Plumley, Knutsford, WA16 9RX

Telephone Number : 01565 722261

Website : None that I could find although their brewery has this website JW Lees. Their site also contains this page with more info on the Golden Pheasant.

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