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Chinese Restaurant Review of Happy Seasons in Manchester

Our Rating : 8/10

A great little Chinese restaurant for good food at a great price!

Happy Seasons is a small Chinese restaurant on Faulkner Street in Manchester Chinatown which on first look may be bypassed as it's not the smartest or poshest eatery in town. But, this would be a definite mistake, which can easily be identified by looking through the windows. You'll usually find that it's frequented by the Chinese themselves, my out-laws family included. This is because it offers unpretentious good quality Chinese food at amazingly low prices.

Don't believe it, well look at their business lunch which offers two courses including soup of the day, plus a main meal from a selection of 20 or 30, all for the one low price of 4.50. Now, try to get something like Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup and a Chicken Chow Mein for 4.50 even at your local takeaway and you'll probably find you can't let alone at a sit down Chinese restaurant in a city centre.

The review below is based on a late afternoon meal Wendy and I had on 23 March 2004. On this occasion, the kids were absent, but this place is still great for kids and we have been there many times in the past with the kids and other arms of our family.

What Wendy Had to Eat...
Although I am not sure of the precise description, the boss on this visit had a bowl of roast duck, on top of a noodle soup made with thick rice noodles. At 5 it was a bargain and contained lots of nice tasty duck. I tried some of the duck, which was very nice, although to my mind and mouth it's always a bit of a hassle to try to extracate the meat from duck on the bone. Wendy liked both the duck and noodles.

What Chris Had to Eat... I went for the business lunch which started simply with soup of the day, which on this day was Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup. The soup came in a small rice bowl, and at initial inspection it did not look like much, but the soup was lovely and full of chicken. Perhaps, it's my previous negative experiences of soups from Chip Shops which come in larger polystyrene cartons, and contain next to no chicken. The soup at the Happy Seasons was much much better that such pig swill and definitely reccomended. Even Wendy who is an expert in such things professed it to be good!

For main course, which included about 20 or 30 options, I went for the Singapore Vermicelli (think I've spelt it right). It consisted of a fairly large plate full of thin rice noodles which had been fried with spices, char sui, prawns, spring onions, green peppers and egg to make a lovely dry (I prefer noodles on the dry side) plate of noodles. In terms of such dishes I have had in other Chinese restaurants, they were slightly more spicy than offered by most others, which to my taste made them ideal.

What We Had to Drink...
Simple Chinese tea came with the meal, although personally, after a day's shopping in Manchester I would have preferred a good pint, but Wendy put her foot down. Can't have the world though eh!

What Does It Cost...
As I've said before, this place is brilliant for cost, and the meal we had including chinese tea to drink cost the princely sum of 9.50 + tip.

Other Info...

Contact Information

Address :-
Happy Seasons Restaurant
59 Faulkner St
M1 4FF

Telephone Number : 0161 236 7189

Website : None that I could find!

Email : None that I could find!

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