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Cafe Review of Cafe Trio in Chester

Our Rating : 9/10

Great Thai food hiding behind the fascade of a normal cafe!

Cafe Trio - From the outside Cafe Trio looks like a normal cafe. However, if you take a look at the menu you'll see that in addition to the usual fare such as toasties, all day breakfasts and jacket potatoes it also offers a great range of Thai food. As there are many good eateries in Chester we had not got round to trying the Trio until we received an email from a Jessicas Juice reader (Thanks Andy), tipping us off that the Thai cuisine at the Trio is excellent and that it is operated by a family of Thai origin. This prompted a visit which took us by total surprise and which was well worthwhile.

Acting on this tip off, the next week we decided to visit en-masse including Me, Wendy, Charlie and my Mum and Dad. Jessica was in nursery that day!

So with mixed expectations (especially as my folks tend to only like English food) we descended on the cafe.

Between me and Wendy we decided to opt for a selection of Thai food including a Massaman Curry with Chicken, a Pat Thai Noodles with Pork and a starter portion of Tempura. Charlie, not in an adventurous mood went for an all day breakfast and my Mum and Dad went for the roast (one pork and one beef) from the specials menu.

Now for the verdict; the chicken curry was excellent, with lots of lovely tender chicken pieces with slices of red peppers in a mild-medium curry sauce presented in a large rice bowl on a larger plate, the plate contained a generous portion of boiled rice and a nice fresh salad. The real surprise with the curry was its depth on the palate, with lots of different flavours aparent such as lemongrass, chillies, spices and more. The heat in the curry was also not the standard spice from an indian curry but a much more complex heat which seemed to creep up on you. Wendy who is Chinese loved the flavour of the dishes and especially the fact that is was not the normal out of a jar kind which you find in many UK takeaways of all ilk.

The great food continued with the Pat Thai noodles with Pork which came on a large plate with plenty of noodles together with a nice fresh salad. The noodles had a really nice texture and were of the sort where you feel like you could carry on eating them all day.The underlying sauce was light but rich and peanut based and the noodles were plentiful. As with the curry there was plenty of meat mixed in with the noodles.

Our last Thai dish was the Tempura which included a selection of onion rings, mushrooms and king prawns in a very light tempura batter. I personally loved the prawns and onion rings (don't like mushrooms of any sort). It all disappeared and for less than four quid it was a fantastic portion.

Now to the English dishes. The all day breakfast Charlie tackled, included 2 sausages, 2 rashers of back bacon, fried tomato, baked beans, fried egg and toast. The breakfast was all cooked to perfection, unlike many places where such meals are either burnt to a frazzle or a real geasy spoon affair (Weny is very particular on the kids not having any burnt food). As it was a bit big for a six year old, I sampled some of the bacon which was thick, juicy and tasty and would have made a great bacon butty but Charlie had eaten all the Toast. As Charlie can be a bit picky with his food, it all must have been good as the rest was dispatched with unusual speed.

My Mum and Dad, said the roasts were good, but as they were sitting at a table a little way from ours, I could not see the food in detail, so cannot comment on it fully.

So to conclude, it's definitely a place to visit if you're like Thai food or would like to try it, and it's definitely a place we'll be visiting again very soon and very often, and is likely to become one of our favourite haunts in Chester.

On another point, the service and hospitality was very warm and friendly and we were informed that they have recently opened a full service Thai restaurant in Lower Bridge Street, just down the road from the Cafe Trio. We'll certainly be visiting there and will do a write-up once we have! In the meantime, they have also launched a website for their new International Thai Cuisine restaurant.

Contact Information

Address :-
63 Bridge Street, Chester, CH1 1NG

Telephone Number : 01244 349081

Website :

Email :

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