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Family Friendly Runcorn Restaurant Reviews, Plus Review of Pubs, Cafes, Takeaways and Delis in Runcorn Cheshire

Where to eat with kids in Runcorn, Cheshire!

Runcorn is perhaps not the best place to eat in the World, but if you know where to go you can get some good food for all the family. Just click on the name to see full review details...

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Chinese Takeaways in Runcorn

Chinese Open Kitchen - In our opinion (Wendy being Chinese), this Chinese takeaway offers some of the the best food to takeaway in Runcorn, and probably in the whole region! Although, they are quite a new takeaway and are not in an ideal position for passing trade, it is well worth the effort of the slight detour from the usual takeaways and chip shops in Church Street and wander up to High Street for some excellent Chinese food.

Our whole family loves the great meals they sell, our favourites being, their Crispy Duck (which is every bit as good as many Chinese Restaurants), their Soft Noodles which again are of restautant standard, and their King Po Chicken which shows the competition how a spicy Chinese dish should be done. The starters such as Spring Rolls and Prawn Won Ton are also great, and their Prawn Crackers are also fantastic and don't suffer from the usual fault of being greasy (they are lovely crisp and dry).

K Lee Supper Bar - has been in Church Street in Runcorn Old Town for as long as I can remember! It is both a Chinese Takeaway and a Chippy, which has served the population of Runcorn consistently for many years. Although perhaps not as fancy and adventurous as dedicated Chinese takeaways it is still a regular food trough I visit most weeks. My personal favourite of theirs is their soft noodles which is both tasty and plentiful.

Jasmin House - is another Chinese takeaway, which recently moved under new management. Under the old management, it started well, but seemed to go off the boil after a couple of months of being open. Now it has a new manager, we recently sampled there wares, by just ordered a single portion of King Po Chicken. The meal itself was excellent with succulent chicken in a nice and spicy sauce with veg and cashewnuts. We're sure we'll give them another try soon and will detail our experiences in full once we have more data!

After my previous promise, we did pay a repeat visit a couple of days later, opting for the 1/4 Aromatic Crispy Duck at 6, The Crispy Won Ton at 2.20 and the Special Noodles at 4.20! The food this time was not completely to our liking, although with any new establishment they are probably not into the swing of things yet. Will have to give them another go in a couple of months when they should be upto full speed.

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Delis in Runcorn

Monks - Monk's has been one of the few places to buy excellent food in Runcorn for many years with it's small shop in the old Runcorn Market building. Because of the renovations of the centre of Old Town Runcorn, they have recently moved to larger premises in the old Littlemoors bakery across the road. Now with more retail space their offerings are even more tempting and range of foods from around the world even better. Make sure you visit if you're in Runcorn.

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Pubs in Runcorn

The Travellers Rest (The Tup) - Although it is many a moon since we visited the Tup, it is aways a pleasure to sit outside on a sunny summer's day with a pint in your hand! I have added them to Jessica's Juice not from any specific review but from many happy times there in the past. I must make an effort to pay a visit one lunchtime and partake of their latest food offerings. Will report back once I have done so!

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