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Family Friendly Chinese Restaurant Reviews in Cheshire and the North West of England, Reviews of Chinese Restaurants

The best Chinese Restaurants to eat out with the kids!

The following is a summary of all the Chinese Restaurants we have found and reviewed in Cheshire and the North West of England. Please click on the name of the Chinese Restaurant to see more info...

Chinese Restaurants in Chester

Summer Palace - A historic Chinese restaurant on Foregate Street!

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Chinese Restaurants in Liverpool

Chung Ku - is situated at the other end of the Dock Road from the Tai Pan, and had been built in a purpose build modern building directly overlooking the Mersey. In the daytime, view of the Mersey, and across the to Birkenhead are breathtaking, and you'll often find your kids at the Windows looking out to 'sea' rather than eating their food. However, the food itself is well worth the visit, and is always a delight.

Tai Pan - situated at the North End of the Liverpool Dock Road, a couple of miles North of the City Centre, is best seen on a Sunday lunchtime, when it offers a wide range of Chinese Dim Sum brought to your table on a plethora of steaming metal trollies. From the usual Sui Mai and Char Sui Bau, to more unusual dishes, when may not be to the taste of many English clients such as Snails in a Chilli Sauce, Baby Octopus and Chicken Feet.

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Chinese Restaurants in Manchester

Glamourous - A BIG Chinese Restaurant!

The New Emperor - A well established Chinese Restaurant on two floors in Chinatown!

Yang Sing - Pronounced Yung Sing, is probably the best known and biggest Chinese restaurant in Manchester. Not least after featuring in the documentary series The Yung Ones which depicted their efforts to rebuild the restaurant after a big fire a few years ago. Back, to the present though, it offers a great selection of dishes to suit most appetites (except those who just do not like Chinese food of any kind). For kids it is a great place full of wonderful sights and smells although there are a few steps to negotiate at the front door of the restaurant if you have a pushchair.

Happy Seasons - is not your classic Chinese restaurant in the vein of the Yang Sing above, where the whole family sits around a big table and shares all the food.

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