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David & Charles : PAPER CRAFT SCHOOL Describing a wide range of skills in paper crafts, this book shows the beginner how to create original art forms, including pop-ups, origami, weaving, collage, paper-making, papier mache, and paper sculpture.. Author:STEVENS, CLIVE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF BRITAIN This illustrated encyclopedia consists of 2000 A-Z entries that carry essential facts, figures and dates about Britain. Photographs and illustrations are supplemented by numerous tables, charts and maps, and additional information panels cover 150 topics of interest.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : LIGHT BITES AND LUNCHES Part of the "Eat well, live well" series of healthy eating cookbooks, this volume offers an array of tasty and nutritious meals and snacks for everything from the school lunch box and low-fat business lunch menus to hot and cold nibbles for parties.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : FACTS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Want to know who won Wimbledon in 1982, how genetic engineering works, or what were the causes of World War I? This one volume reference book answers all these questions and more. It is divided into nine sections including "The Universe and our Planet" and "The Global Economy".. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : LOW FAT, NO FAT COOKBOOK This cookbook features recipes that are low in fat, but full of flavour. Each recipe is illustrated with a colour photograph of the finished dish. Ingredients, instructions and nutritional information are featured on a single page. The book includes practical advice on low-fat cooking techniques.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : 1001 DIY HINTS AND TIPS Every household job is within your grasp with this guide to home DIY. With clear, professional advice on the most popular and essential jobs around the home to save time, work, money and certainly aggravation! With over 1500 colour photographs and illustrations.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : COMPLETE VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK This title contains: over 250 vegetarian recipes, divided into sections for easy reference; nutritional advice; directory of over 350 ingredients; and a guide to entertaining including preparation timetable. Quick breakfasts, leisurely brunches, and speedy after-work-suppers are also covered.. Author:BROWN, SARAH. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : READER'S DIGEST . Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO HOME COMPUTING An updated introduction to using a home computer that explains everything from purchase and installation and the software available, to use of CD-ROMS and the internet. Aimed at home users, including total beginners, this book shows how the PC can be a time-saver for the entire family.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GREAT BRITISH DISHES THE HEALTHY WAY A cookbook that aims to transform favourite British recipes, with a reputation for being generally rich and fatty, making them as healthy as they are satisfying. With clear, step-by-step instructions and up-to-date nutritional advice, this is a fresh chance to enjoy traditional British ingredients.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : COMPLETE DRIVER'S ATLAS OF BRITAIN AND IRELAND This atlas covers all of Britain and Ireland with the area around Calais and Boulogne as well. It shows motorways, primary routes, A-roads, B-roads, lanes and backroads. There are plans of cities, towns (with park and ride schemes), airports, ferry ports, and extra-large-scale city route finders.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : READER'S DIGEST This volume demonstrates how to study a subject and then interpret that image onto paper. It includes exercises in studying and drawing specific areas of the body, trees, animals and street scenes. The step-by-step format means that each project is broken down into easy-to-follow stages.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : CONTAINER GARDENING FOR ALL SEASONS Explains gardening techniques for pots, troughs and boxes. This book contains seasonal recipes for beautiful container arrangements with tips on how to extend their life with fresh plantings, tips for growing a kitchen garden in pots and a directory of plants suitable for growing in containers.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : FAST HEALTHY FOOD This illustrated cookbook offers a wide range of tasty and interesting meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less - and all containing less than 600 calories. It covers starters, snacks, soups, salads, vegetables, seafood, meat, poultry, pasta and desserts.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : CHANGE ONE This title presents a 12-week programme for losing weight with no calorie counting. During each week of the programme, readers simply change one element of their eating habits. At the end of four weeks, readers will have replaced all their usual meals with healthy, calorie-counted options.. Author:HASTINGS, JOHN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : NATURE'S MEDICINES This volume describes nearly 200 herbs, with clear information about preparations, dosages, potential contraindications, and when it is essential to seek a medical herbalist's advice. Advice includes preparing herbal remedies and treating more than 150 illnesses.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : READER'S DIGEST From soups to quick meals and dishes for entertaining, this title offers an array of fish recipes such as: lobster bisque; Thai fish cakes with dipping sauce; quick-fried squid with lemon and ginger, mini-fish pizzas, Parma-wrapped lemon sole, and oriental sea bass with noodles and bean spouts.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : PIES, TARTS AND PUDDINGS . Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : BEAUTIFUL BAKING . Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : DIY QUICK-FIX HANDBOOK Squeaky floor? Pipe sprung a leak? Fuse keeps blowing? Whatever household job is next on your list, this guide provides clear, professional advice on the most popular and most essential jobs around the house, which should save readers' time, work, money and aggravation.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : WORLD WAR II During World War II, in many countries, civilians faced dangers every bit as great as those endured by combatants. This title combines text based largely on eyewitness accounts from major archives in the US and Britain, with audio CDs that use actual recordings from the same archives.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FAMILY GAMES This guide to games which can be played by family members includes: both indoor and outdoor games; party games; card games; and board games.. Author:GLENN, JIM DENTON, CAREY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : READER'S DIGEST Researched by journalists worldwide, this collection of real-life crime stories covers murder, arson, code-cracking and terrorism.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : COMPLETE PORTRAIT COURSE Follow the 42 projects in this heavily illustrated, practical portrait course and you will be able to create wonderful, lifelike drawings of all your family and friends using a variety of media.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : SKY AT NIGHT This is a kit for everyone who has ever looked into the night sky and wondered what the names of the constellations were. The interactive kit contains two wiro-bound books, a planisphere and a red flashlight, for reading your star maps when out in the field.. Author:KERROD, ROBIN (FELLOW, ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY). Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : SECRETS AND TIPS FROM YESTERDAY'S GARDENERS Helping the reader create a dream garden using proven methods with a modern twist, this text's advice and step-by-step photographs show you exactly how to turn your garden into a star attraction.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : HOW TO DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING IN EXCEL This introductory guide to using Microsoft Excel explains what Excel is and how it functions in plain, jargon-free language. It provides advice on tasks from simple additions to how to AutoSum a column of figures to managing columns and rows. A useful section on troubleshooting is also included.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : YEAR-ROUND INDOOR GARDENING This volume offers the reader all the guidance necessary to choose suitable plants so the garden looks good, no matter what the season.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : LOOKING AFTER YOUR BODY Research has revealed that it's your lifestyle that dictates whether you age successfully or experience 'age-related' aches and ailments that so many people suffer. This guide shows you the steps you can take to avoid health annoyances that take the zest out of living. It is packed with the latest information and valuable health hints.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : EGGS, MILK AND CHEESE Eggs and dairy products are rich in a wide range of nutrients, including high quality protein, many vitamins and essential minerals such as calcium. This book is full of recipes which combine nourishing vitamins with maximum taste.. Author:. Discounted by 20%

David & Charles : READER'S DIGEST This guide offers detailed information on over 700 illnesses and conditions, treatments and therapies. A "symptoms sorter" lists common symptoms and their likely causes with action points advising what to do next. There is also a useful section on first-aid procedures.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GUIDE TO VITAMINS, MINERALS AND SUPPLEMENTS This no-nonsense guide to vitamins, minerals and supplements explains what works, why it works, and how you can put it to work for you.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : DRAWING AND PAINTING TECHNIQUE . Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : TALES OF THE COUNTRY ECCENTRICS A celebration of all that is quirky about the way the British live, told through the words of a range of living eccentrics and some examples from the past. Figures include the former nun who now collects Lego sets, the car salesman who races lawnmowers and the inventor who rides a penny farthing.. Author:QUINN, TOM. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GLASS PAINTING BOOK Providing an introduction to the craft of painting on glass, this book contains a guide to materials and techniques, a range of projects with step-by-step instructions, a selection of trace-off motifs, and a trouble-shooting section.. Author:DUNSTERVILLE, JANE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : 55 CROCHET GIFTS FOR THE HOME A collection of crochet gift projects which includes items for every room in the home. Delicate and lacy, bright and bold, pretty and practical - there are gifts to suit all tastes and occasions. A techniques section aims to ensure that even complete beginners can crochet with confidence.. Author:KING, ANGELA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : WATER'S EDGE IN CROSS STITCH From village ponds to ocean dolphins, this book presents a collection of cross stitch designs at the water's edge. It caters for stitchers of all abilities and tastes and provides all the necessary stitching instructions together with ideas for the use of designs on completion.. Author:MAYHEW, JAYNE NETLEY WHEELER, NICKI. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GARDENER'S GUIDE TO GROWING DAHLIAS This text provides recommendations for garden use of dahlias, examines their physical characteristics and explains the breakdown of the groups within the genus. Chapters also look at propagation, identification and breeding new varieties.. Author:ROWLANDS, GARETH. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : KINGS AND QUEENS OF ENGLAND AND GREAT BRITAIN The fifth revised edition of the historical guide to the British monarchy. The character of every king and queen and the principal events of each reign are discussed. Details of royal dynasties are indicated with genealogical trees to show how the hereditary line has been perpetuated. Revisions include the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.. Author:DELDERFIELD, ERIC. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : COAST-TO-COASTING The best walks go all the way across the country, from coast to coast. This work covers eight great routes across Britain including from the Atlantic to the North Sea and from the North Sea to the Irish Sea.. Author:GILLHAM, JOHN TURNBULL, RONALD. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : TRADE SECRETS This work brings together 200 tips and recommendations from interior designer Linda Barker's "Telegraph Magazine" feature. It covers all facets of interior design, decoration and repair.. Author:BARKER, LINDA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : TROMPE L'OEIL FOR THE HOME Trompe l'oeil - the art of tricking the eye into seeing what isn't there - is an inexpensive yet striking way to add an illusion of space, grandeur or fantasy to an interior. This book provides projects that require only moderate artistic ability, along with step-by-step instructions.. Author:GORDON-SMITH, ROBERTA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : HARDSCAPE An innovative and modern guide to garden landscaping with hard materials. The author takes materials such as slate concrete, granite, decking, willow and steel, shows how to use them in numerous projects, including gazebos, roofing, mosaic work and living willow fences.. Author:POWELL, ANN-MARIE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : MOUNTAIN SKILLS TRAINING HANDBOOK Designed for instructors and climbing enthusiasts, the techniques, methods and tips described and illustrated here have derived from the authors' own experience - both as instructors, and from studying and discussing good working practices.. Author:HILL, PETE JOHNSTON, STUART. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : CREATIVE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY This title is for both conventional photographers who are entering the digital field for the first time and those who have already tried this new technology. It features more than 50 separate topics on enhancement, colour effects, layering, montage, digital darkroom effects and practical problems.. Author:BUSSELLE, MICHAEL. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : STORY OF THE AMERICA'S CUP, 1883-2000 Tells the story of the America's Cup from the beginning and presents a unique collection of paintings depicting dramatic scenes from every match since 1851 culminating in Team New Zealand's win in 2000 over Prada's Italian challenge.. Author:RAYNER, RANULF THOMPSON, TIM. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : PEBBLE MOSAICS This title includes original step-by-step projects and examples showing how to create mosaics using pebbles and other natural materials. It shows how mosaics can be used both in the garden and the home, in entrance ways, conservatories, kitchens or fire surrounds.. Author:FRITH, ANN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : MORE GARDEN WOODWORK IN A WEEKEND A further collection of woodworking projects for the garden. The 18 projects are graded for difficulty and are suitable for beginners and the more experienced. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by detailed cutting lists, isometric drawings and photographs of the finished project.. Author:BLIZZARD, RICHARD. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : QUILT IT? For quilters of all stages, this text provides information and advice on quilting treatments and the best way to quilt a single block or whole quilt that has been pieced or appliqued. It features double wedding ring, log cabin and attic windows.. Author:CHAINEY, BARBARA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ROSEMARY MOON'S NEW AGA COOKBOOK The traditional, range-style Aga cooker is equally at home in a London flat or rural cottage and this cookbook offers a wide variety of recipes for use with it. These include stir-fry, barbecue, grilling and tandoori methods, using ethnic and exotic ingredients, for all types of occasion.. Author:MOON, ROSEMARY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : JILL GORDON'S COUNTRYSIDE VIEWS IN CROSS STITCH This title features 12 landscape projects to cross stitch. While many of the designs are finished as simple framed pictures, Jill Gordon shows how easily the stitching can be transformed into eye-catching items such as a wall hanging, firescreen, footstool, cushion and tray inlay.. Author:GORDON, JILL. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GARDENER'S GUIDE TO GROWING HOSTAS Hostas are one of the most popular of all foliage plants, extensive in variety and suitable for almost every situation and effect. This guide offers practical advice on growing hostas, flower arranging and the history of hostas.. Author:GRENFELL, DIANA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : DOLLS' HOUSE NEEDLECRAFTS A collection of needlecraft projects which includes over 250 items designed to bring charm and realism to dolls' house interiors. From carpets and soft furnishings to lampshades and cushions, the ideas and advice are aimed at beginners and experienced miniaturists alike.. Author:DODGE, VENUS A.. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : TRAINS WE LOVED This work recalls the finest days of Britain's railways, at the end of the steam era and into the early years of nationalization. It features paintings by Philip Hawkins, as well as photographs. The atmospheric text combines nostalgia with substantial reference value.. Author:THOMAS, DAVID ST.JOHN WHITEHOUSE, PATRICK. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : YESTERDAY'S RAILWAY This work recalls an era when a train journey remained an adventure, and when the steam locomotives were a source of awe and fascination. It includes a comprehensive history of Britain's railways from the groundbreaking years of the 1900s to the end of steam in the 1960s.. Author:HERRING, PETER. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : COMPLETE GUIDE TO COLOURED PENCIL TECHNIQUES Using simple skills like blending and shading, the reader learns to create pencil drawings of tremendous subtlety and delicacy. The techniques section provides step-by-step sequences of instructions, followed by a projects section of 15 ideas to work through.. Author:JOHNSTON, BEVERLEY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : INTRODUCTION TO DRAWING THE NUDE Anatomy, proportion, balance, movement, light and composition are the fundamental principles explained in this guide to drawing the nude. Step-by-step sequences show how a drawing progresses, and practical information explores all the possibilities of building up a wide range of skills.. Author:CONSTANCE, DIANA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : CARPETS AND RUGS This book provides step-by-step instructions for over 25 carpets and rugs for the dolls' house. The projects come in a variety of classic styles and the range of stitches will suit all skill levels. Each design has a colour chart, and specific materials, tools and techniques are fully explained.. Author:HAWKINS, SUE (TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, CROSS STITCH GUILD). Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : FOOD DISPLAYS This book contains an extensive selection of step-by-step projects for making miniature food items for the 1/12 scale dolls' house. The techniques of working with polymer clay involve shaping, mixing colours, texturing and finally, baking it. All necessary tools and materials are also listed.. Author:HEASER, SUE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ART NOUVEAU GLASS PAINTING MADE EASY A guide to 20 glass painting projects inspired by artists of the period 1890 to 1930. It explains basic tools, materials and techniques; features an extensive motif library, which provides design templates; and includes tips for adapting the motifs to suit any project.. Author:GEAR, ALAN FREESTONE, BARRY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : DOLLS' CLOTHES COLLECTION This title contains designs for making outfits for dolls sized from 14 to 24 inches, in both child and adult styles, in all the most popular period fashions, including accessories and underwear. There is guidance on altering patterns to fit different sized dolls and on basic dressmaking techniques.. Author:HARRIS, CHRISTINA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : TROMPE L'OEIL BIBLE A collection of over 200 inspirational trompe l'oeil motifs and 8 practical step-by-step projects to embellish your home. The tools, materials and techniques sections are comprehensive and easy to follow; and a wide selection of templates offers countless more designs to mix and match.. Author:WESTALL, CHRISTOPHER. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : 100 WAYS TO TAKE BETTER PHOTOS From the basics of coping with camera shake, through choosing filters and framing a composition, this title also advises on areas such as shooting in bad weather, photographing interiors and taking portraits. Chapters also deal with shooting architectural detail and conveying a landscape view.. Author:BUSSELLE, MICHAEL. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : RAILWAY PAINTINGS OF ALAN FEARNLEY Alan Fearnley's railway paintings appear with accompanying text by the artist, depicting the romance, muck and struggle against the elements endured by the men of steam. The book forms an historic tribute to the steam age, from grand express trains to the humblest freights.. Author:FEARNLEY, ALAN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : SILK PAINTING MADE EASY This practical guide to different techniques used to paint on silk contains ten projects which are explained in step-by-step instructions. Each project features colour photographs, art works to assist with the technique, and templates where necessary.. Author:PENNY, SUSAN PENNY, MARTIN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : PHOTOS WITH IMPACT Tom Mackie recognizes that a key technique in his work is the ability to see subjects that others might miss and to simplify images down to their basic elements. In this guide he describes in detail how readers can learn to do the same.. Author:MACKIE, TOM. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : RIGHT FLY Written by professional biologists, this guide shows readers how to identify insect groups from simple identification keys and over 100 colour photographs. Each insect order has a carefully chosen selection of fly patterns, with details of dressings and hints on how to fish them naturally.. Author:SIMPSON, STEPHEN J. (LECTURER IN ENTOMOLOGY AND CURATOR OF THE HOPE ENTOMOLOGICAL COLLECTIONS, OXFORD UNIVERSITY) MCGAVIN, GEORGE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : INTRODUCTION TO DRAWING FLOWERS This guide provides a step-by-step grounding in the skills required to draw flowers. The initial chapters concentrate on observation, structure and perspective. Further chapters cover composition, using a sketchbook, and various drawing media.. Author:STEVENS, MARGARET. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WOODWORKING TECHNIQUES This integrated approach to woodworking is in two parts. Part one deals with the important basic technqiues, each explained using step-by-step demonstrations. Part two, "Themes" is devoted to the techniques in action, with examples from around the world, designed to act as inspiration.. Author:BROUN, JEREMY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : DRAW YOUR OWN CELTIC DESIGNS For artists and crafters working in all media, this title examines each of the main Celtic patterns in turn: knots, spirals, key patterns, animals and beasts, and Celtic lettering. There are also 16 design pages, each containing a specially commissioned step-by-step artwork for readers to follow.. Author:JAMES, DAVID GONZALEZ, VICTOR. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : PLANTFINDER'S GUIDE TO GARDEN FERNS This comprehensive introduction to ferns provides ideas for using ferns in the garden, revealing that they are not just the stalwarts of difficult shady borders, but are also capable of making a stunning contribution to any situation, including dry or damp shade, sunny sites and wet, boggy areas.. Author:RICKARD, MARTIN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : INTRODUCTION TO PAINTING PORTRAITS This guide is packed with practical information and advice on capturing a good likeness, understanding proportion, developing fluency and selecting the right medium when painting a portrait. Step-by-step demonstrations accompany the text and there is a wealth of illustrative material.. Author:CUTHBERT, ROSALIND. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : YESTERDAY'S IRELAND In this title, all aspects of Irish life in the 20th century are explored, including living in the cities, tales of home and hearth, stories of the horsemen of Kildare, fishermen of Kerry, of marriage and emigration. Many of the old photographs are from untapped Irish sources.. Author:LINEHAN, PADDY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GARDENER'S GUIDE TO GROWING TEMPERATE BAMBOOS If you choose your bamboo species carefully, there need be no danger from running roots or excess size. They can be used as hedges for front gardens, screens for patios and in small courtyard gardens. This title has an A-Z of bamboos and details their cultivation and where to buy them.. Author:BELL, MICHAEL (PRESIDENT, UK BAMBOO SOCIETY). Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : HORSE OWNER'S HANDBOOK This guide to improving knowledge of stable management covers: selecting and purchasing a horse; stable and pasture management; principles of keeping the horse healthy including feeding and fitness, shoeing and veterinary care; caring for tack; and road journey preparation and suitable vehicles.. Author:MORTIMER, MONTY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : HORSE RIDER'S HANDBOOK This volume has comprehensive advice on the training of the horse from a foal, through basic training and on to jumping and dressage. It explains the requirements of competition dressage, show jumping and cross-country riding, with guidance on how these disciplines may be approached successfully.. Author:MORTIMER, MONTY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : CROSS STITCH SENTIMENTS & SAYINGS Gifts for friends and family abound in this new collection of cross stitch designs. It features all the styles for which the author is renowned, such as Celtic, Native American and oriental, as well as some of her whimsical teddy bears.. Author:ELLIOTT, JOAN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : WRITTEN IN BONES This work by international experts shows how the careful study of bones can reveal a compelling picture of the lives, cultures and beliefs of ancient societies. It reveals 38 case studies from sites around the world, including the world's oldest dwarf and the Chinchorro mummies of Chile.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : CREATIVE LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY Illustrated throughout with images of international locations, this guide covers all scales of work from epic panoramas to intimate details of nature. The author starts by looking at basic photographic considerations and then explores the creative considerations behind different subject areas.. Author:BENVIE, NIALL. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : 35MM PHOTOGRAPHY Written by established author and expert, Steve Bavister, this is a complete guide to the 35mm camera and its uses, from choosing the right equipment through to developing, print, storing and even selling your photographs.. Author:BAVISTER, STEVE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : LEE FROST'S SIMPLE ART OF BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY This title demonstrates how it is possible to make beautiful black and white images and fine prints with the minimum of fuss. It covers: equipment and film, capturing the image, developing the film, setting up a darkroom, making the print, toning prints, lith printing, print finishing and more.. Author:FROST, LEE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : WATERCOLOURS IN A WEEKEND This title leads readers through a series of watercolour technique exercises designed to provide basic grounding in the skills needed for paintings flowers in watercolours. Projects include painting: a single flower, a close-up outdoors, wild flowers in the landscape and more.. Author:BAYS, JILL. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : HUBBLE High above the Earth's hazy atmosphere, the Hubble Space Telescope has opened up a window on the universe and is returning images and data that are amazing and astounding astronomers. A lively commentary accompanies the stunning images in this book.. Author:KERROD, ROBIN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : CROSS STITCH ANGELS . Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT In this comprehensive work, portraitist and teacher Robin Gillanders looks at all kinds of portraiture in both colour and black and white. He discusses how to set up a shot, how to pose the sitter, composing the photograph, lighting and, ultimately, how to give portraits real meaning.. Author:GILLANDERS, ROBIN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : HORSE RIDER'S YEARBOOK A horse owner's diary and record book, combined with a 40-page reference section containing numerous horse care tips and vital facts and figures. There are pages for addresses and phone numbers; for planning health care, such as worming and vaccinations; and for the budget for the coming year.. Author:WEEKS, JO. Discounted by 20%

David & Charles : PAPERCRAFTER'S BIBLE This is a helpful guide to exploring a wide spectrum of papercraft techniques. The author gives the beginner a foundation, the intermediate a refresher and stimulates the advanced to extend their craft skills. Each technique is explained with step-by-step photographs and tips on specific materials and equipment.. Author:MOAD, ELIZABETH. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : 100 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR RIDING Aimed at every horse rider who strives to improve their riding, this title looks at the rider's seat and position - the root of many riding faults. The author also looks into the rider's mind, as many problems can stem from anxiety or nervousness.. Author:MCBANE, SUSAN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : STORYBOOK CAKES Novelty cake designer Lindy Smith here presents a comprehensive guide to making a range of delightful cakes, and guides readers step by step from baking and carving through to icing and adding special finishing touches.. Author:SMITH, LINDY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : SMALL THINGS BIG This is a comprehensive guide to the equipment, techniques and art of close-up and macro nature photography. With each illustration there are notes in which the photographers share their thoughts and ideas with the reader.. Author:DAVIES, PAUL HARCOURT. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GARDENER'S GUIDE TO GROWING MAPLES This enormously diverse genus holds a number of extremely rewarding species for gardens of all sizes. The emphasis in this book is on the garden-worthy aspects of each plant although each one of the 125 species is described for the benefit of specialists and enthusiasts.. Author:HARRIS, JAMES G.S.. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : TREVOR CHAMBERLAIN In this title, Trevor Chamberlain offers a glimse over his shoulder as he describes his approach to interpreting the effects of light and weather using the watercolourist's palette. Mood in nature is his constant source of inspiration and his favoured subjects are marine, town and landcape.. Author:CHAMBERLAIN, TREVOR GAIR, ANGELA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ARTIST'S GUIDE TO PAINTING LIGHT This volume teaches readers time-tested secrets for capturing the effects of light in oil and watercolour paintings both in and out of doors. Simple step-by-step projects, with close-up details, help readers to create a variety of subjects with interesting lighting effects.. Author:CARR, BETTY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : BEADER'S REFERENCE This reference aims to inspire beaders to create beautiful beaded masterpieces or simple embellishments. It contains hundreds of easy-to-follow beading graphs and how-to illustrations as well as three pattern sections and a project section with instructions for 12 projects.. Author:DAVIS, JANE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : AVIATION ART OF MICHAEL TURNER . Author:TURNER, MICHAEL. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : YESTERDAY'S RAILWAYS . Author:HERRING, PETER. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : NATURE IN WATERCOLOUR By following the step-by-step instructions in this title, beginners should find it easy to create decorative fruit, flower and butterfly paintings. Readers are taught specific techniques such as colour mixing, how to paint flower petals and how to create effects like transparent insect wings.. Author:BRENT, PAUL. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : BIG BOOK OF DECORATIVE BORDERS . Author:BUSHMAN, JODIE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : FAIRY CRAFTS In this title, Heidi Boyd has used her experience as artist, designer and author to create more than 20 fairy projects using a wide range of craft materials. The projects are divided into four sections: fairy playthings, dress-up fairy costumes, fairy party and fairy gifts.. Author:BOYD, HEIDI. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : BRIGHT IDEAS IN PAPERCRAFTS The collection of projects in this title takes papercraft beyond the two dimensional with an exciting range of gifts and projects for the home. The projects use all the basic papercraft tools as well as more specialist items such as decorative edging scissors, paper crimpers and shape cutters.. Author:JANES, SUSAN NINER. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GARDEN CRAFTS This title presents 16 garden-inspired craft projects to decorate outside, to give as gifts or to bring the spirit of the outdoors into the home. For crafters of all skill levels, projects include stepping stones, watering cans, flowerpots, vases, seed boxes, a flower press or a drying rack.. Author:BROWNING, MARIE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ALL NEW DECOUPAGE This guide demonstrates how traditional decoupage has moved on. Featuring imaginative ideas and tricks of the trade, it provides all you need to know to create elegant and attractive items decoupaged to suit the stylish simplicity of the 21st century.. Author:MORBIN, DEBORAH BOOMER, TRACY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : SHOOTING AND SELLING YOUR PHOTOS Learn how to create a portfolio that will get your photographs noticed. Produce professional submissions and learn how to use the internet for marketing and self-promotion. This guide reveals how photographic agencies work and trains your eye for picking the right subjects.. Author:ZUCKERMAN, JIM. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : NEEDLEPOINT CATS This collection details more than 35 needlepoint designs of a variety of cats. All the designs use tent stitch over a range of canvas sizes, and include all the instructions for completing them. Projects include: a spectacle case, silver tabby key holder, celestial cat rug and a bell pull.. Author:HASLER, JULIE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ORCHIDS Aimed at everyone interested in orchids, this guide illustrates and identifies over 1100 species.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : HOSTAS This practical work describes the soil preparation for and cultivation of hostas, and gives information on their propagation and tips on preventing disease and pests.. Author:BARRETT, ROSEMARY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : FINISHING TOUCHES . Author:HARROP, JANE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : TRUTH ABOUT HORSES This volume reveals how a horse's brain functions to show how training becomes incorporated into horse behaviour and why training failures occur. Most readers will already have the minimum equipment used to implement the effective training strategies, allowing them to get started straight away.. Author:MCLEAN, ANDREW. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : COTTAGE GARDEN FAVOURITES This volume concentrates on plants that have been the stalwarts of the cottage garden for over 100 years, and includes improved forms, cultivars, and hybrids, destined to become the treasurers of the future, as well as forgotten gems, rarely seen today.. Author:LANE, CLIVE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : SIMPLE STEPS TO RIDING SUCCESS . Author:MORRISON, LIZ. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : COLOUR MIXING BIBLE This book helps artists understand how to mix colours in different mediums and how colour can help to develop their work. Artworks illustrate how to put theory into practice and it is suitable for beginners or professional artists.. Author:SIDAWAY, IAN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : PLANT PROPAGATION A TO Z Over 1000 plants are covered in this practical handbook, with specific instructions given for propagating over 500 popular garden varieties, including propagation by seed, cuttings and division as well as more advanced techniques which will enable readers to create plants to be proud of.. Author:BRYANT, GEOFF. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ART OF THE TRADITIONAL CRAFTSMEN This title celebrates a range of unique individuals who relate tales of how their skills have survived through and beyond the 20th century. The rare and little-known skills date back as much as 1000 years and include the making of trugs, fans, clay pipes, lobster pots, bee skeps and more.. Author:QUINN, TOM FELIX, PAUL. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : TRAINING THE CROSS COUNTRY HORSE In this guide, eventer Andrew Nicholson reveals how to start young horses across country and describes how he gets them fit for the job. Colour photographs show Andrew tackling various obstacles, along with his descriptions as to what is going right (or wrong) in each case.. Author:NICHOLSON, ANDREW GREEN, KATE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : HORSE LOVER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA . Author:EDWARDS, ELWYN HARTLEY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GARDEN FLOWERS This encyclopaedia features the most beautiful blooms from around the world, including annuals and perennials, trees, orchids, shrubs, ground covers, bromeliads, and bulbs.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : HORSES NEVER LIE . Author:RASHID, MARK. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : KITE MAKING HANDBOOK Suitable for any novice kite enthusiast, this volume traces developments from the history of kite flying in Ancient China to present-day international kite-flying festivals. There are step-by-step instructions for building numerous kites, from plain flat, through box to acrobatic flying models.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : CLASSIC WAR PLANES IN COLOUR Illustrating the legacy of the advance of aviation history from the Albatross BI through to the first jet planes, this book includes some of the most famous fighter aircraft such as the Flying Fortress, the Avro Lancaster and the Spitfire.. Author:HOEVELER, PATRICK. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : CREATIVE JEWELLERY Heavily illustrated to provide a visual guide to the step-by-step exercises, and including a gallery section to showcase inspirational works, this book uses materials such as buttons, watches and fossils and includes chapters on technqiues for beading around objects and finishing techniques.. Author:RODGERS, CAROLE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : PRAIRIE QUILTS . Author:WILSON, JOANNE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS IN WATERCOLOUR Packed with inspirational paintings and practical advice, this book will guide the beginner or intermediate painter towards better watercolours through its emphasis on good design, interesting shapes and clean, bright colours.. Author:SPICER, JEAN ULI. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : EASY WATERCOLOURS FOR BEGINNERS This title introduces the materials and techniques needed to start painting, before showing more complex techniques such as wet-on-wet painting. The selection of step-by-step exercises help the painter to build on the lessons taught through the book.. Author:FREDERICO, BONNIE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : BIG BOOK OF WATERCOLOUR BASICS How to create watercolours through fun and easy exercises, for beginner to intermediate level, with step by step instructions.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GARDENER'S GUIDE TO GROWING ASTERS Asters are popular for their late flowering and for their daisy-like blooms. 'The Gardener's Guide to Growing Asters' offers a comprehensive study of the genus.. Author:PICTON, PAUL. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ART OF THE FLOWER BED . Author:KEIL, GISELA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GARDEN MAGIC . Author:KEIL, GISELA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GARDENER'S GUIDE TO GROWING ORCHIDS This text aims to dispel the mystery surrounding the cultivation of orchids. It clearly describes modern methods of cultivation for numerous orchids and their hybrids including a selection which can be grown without special equipment.. Author:RITTERSHAUSEN, WILMA RITTERSHAUSEN, BRIAN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : WINE This guide to buying and enjoying wine shows how to recognize, differentiate, choose, purchase and serve wine, as well as how to match it to all kinds of foods and occasions.. Author:MAY, DANNY SHARPE, ANDY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : ASTROLOGY While many of us know our star sign and like to read our horoscope, this book reveals that this is only part of the story. Astrology enables us to fully understand who we are, and how we reach our full potential by interpreting our astrological chart.. Author:MACGREGOR, TRISH. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : BABY'S FIRST YEAR Whether you are a new or experienced parent, the first year of a child's life is both wonderful and challenging. This practical guide shows you how to get through baby's first 12 months with advice on sleeping, crying, changing nappies and feeding.. Author:FRANCIS, HELEN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : PREGNANCY Packed with valuable information and practical advice, this title explores every aspect of pregnancy on a month-by-month basis. The author describes all major issues associated with having a baby, including emotional and physical changes to preparation and budgeting.. Author:ARON, ELISABETH A. FORD-MARTIN, PAULA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : DREAMS From fantasies to nightmares, dreams can be used as tools to enable a better understanding of yourself. This book includes tips on how to remember and interpret dreams, as well as explaining how they can be used to increase your creativity and productivity.. Author:MACGREGOR, ROB MACGREGOR, TRISH. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : AUTUMN GARDENS . Author:CLARKE, ETHNE. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : THORBURN'S BIRDS AND MAMMALS Thorburn had the unerring ability to capture the living vitality of birds and animals. A tribute to this master of wildlife art, this volume contains a collection of some of the artist's most distinguished work drawn from private collections throughout Britain including the author's.. Author:SOUTHERN, JOHN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : JAYNE NETLEY MAYHEW'S CROSS STITCH ANIMAL COLLECTION A celebration of animals of land, sea and air, this collection gives embroiderers the chance to stitch some of the most realistic images of animals ever seen.. Author:MAYHEW, JANE NETLEY. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : DIABETES . Author:FORD-MARTIN, PAULA BLUMER, IAN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : GOLF INSTRUCTION . Author:BLUMER, ROB CHANEY, REX. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : TODDLERS . Author:SONNA, LINDA. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : HORSES . Author:KIMBALL, CHERYL. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : DOLL'S DRESSMAKER A collection of over 200 dolls' dress designs, from modern outfits to period costumes, containing patterns for both the beginner and the experienced dolls' dressmaker. The book has making-up instructions, advice on technique and guidance on achieving a professional finish on a small scale.. Author:DODGE, VENUS A.. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : NORTH YORK MOORS The main feature of the Park is the central tract of moorland, but it also includes dales and coastline. This diversity is refected in the wildlife found in it. This guide to the Park contains specially commissioned photography throughout and is written by a former Park information officer.. Author:SAMPSON, IAN. Discounted by 27%

David & Charles : FIFE AND PERTHSHIRE This thorough guide to Perth, Fife and Kinross covers a varied landscape area, from the Grampian mountains to the Tay estuary and the ancient coastal town of St Andrews.. Author:HALL, ALAN. Discounted by 27%

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