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Green Books : CLASSIC FAIRYTALES The fairy tales in this volume have been chosen and edited by artist Scott Gustafson, who spent four years creating the 75 oil paintings which accompany the stories.. Author:GUSTAFSON, SCOTT. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : WAY Edward Goldsmith critiques the "world-view" of Modernism with which we have all been imbued, and whose role he sees as being primarily to rationalize and legitimatize economic "progress". He presents the principles of an ecological world-view consistent with a sustainable social behaviour pattern.. Author:GOLDSMITH, EDWARD. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : ECO-RENOVATION A guide to ecological home improvement: save on heating bills, organise your space better, and protect your family's health from toxic substances. Also information on grants, etc.. Author:HARLAND, EDWARD. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : THIS I BELIEVE AND OTHER ESSAYS Years after his death, E.F. Schumacher's ideas still resonate through the environmental movement. Rejecting materialism and economic exploitation, he saw the need to give societies, communities and individuals practical tools for change. This book contains his articles for "Resurgence" magazine.. Author:SCHUMACHER, E.F.. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION Marrying the political arguments of Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman with the compassionate awareness of Buddhist writers, this text shows how our capitalist system is dependent on the promotion of the three Buddhist "poisons" of greed, hatred and ignorance.. Author:EDWARDS, DAVID. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : IN PRAISE OF DEVON This guide to Devon describes its rivers, coastline and moors; its towns, villages and buildings; its beautiful images and objects, traditions and occupations; and sketches the lives and values of 20 Devonians, including farmers, a trawlerman, a doctor, a cook, a sculpter, a potter and a scientist.. Author:LANE, JOHN. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : ORGANIC BABY AND TODDLER COOKBOOK A comprehensive but easy-to-follow nutrition guide for babies from weaning to toddlerhood (four to six months to three years old). It recommends a seasonal, mainly raw wholefood organic diet, and advises on how to achieve optimum health for babies and toddlers.. Author:LAMBERT, DAPHNE MAXTED-FROST, TANYIA. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : FREE TO BE HUMAN Arguing that we need "intellectual self-defence" to be able to challenge the "necessary illusions" of a system that subordinates people and planet to the drive for profit, this book shows how the propaganda system distorts our understanding of political, personal and spiritual issues.. Author:EDWARDS, DAVID. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : NO DESTINATION Satish Kumar has been a wandering Jain monk, worked on Vinoba Bhave's campaign for land reform, undertaken an 8000-mile pilgrimage from India to America and guided a number of British ecological, spiritual and educational ventures. This is his account of his extraordinary life.. Author:KUMAR, SATISH. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : CONTRACTION AND CONVERGENCE The global climate is visibly changing because of human pollution of the atmosphere. This briefing describes the dangers of global warming and explains the origins of the crisis. It shows how the global policy framework of "contraction and convergence" has been developed to avert these trends.. Author:MEYER, AUBREY. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : DISCOVERING GREEN LANES For anyone interested in green lanes, this handbook shows how to identify them on the ground, recognise them on antique maps and locate documents and records which will reveal who used them in the past. It also discusses their ecological value and how to get involved in restoring them locally.. Author:BELSGY, VALERIE. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : TREES BE COMPANY Celebrating our love of and dependency on trees and aiming to inspire people to care for them and the environment, this anthology has over 170 poems, with well-known works by Blake, Tennyson and Wordsworth and less familiar 20th century ones by Ted Hughes, Denise Levertov, Andrew Motion and others.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : BREAKDOWN OF NATIONS Examining the implications of the size of political groupings, whether states, nations or federations, this book shows that throughout history people who have lived in small states with accessible rather than remote political leaders are happier, more peaceful, more creative and more prosperous.. Author:KOHR, LEOPOLD. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION Arguing that environmental education is not sufficient to reorient education towards sustainable development, Sterling gives an outline of "sustainable education": a change of educational culture that values and realizes human potential in relation to social, economic and ecological well-being.. Author:STERLING, STEPHEN. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : FOREST GARDENING Aiming for space and labour economy, a forest garden is a tiny imitation of a forest. Once established, it needs little maintenance, and can provide herbs, fruit, nuts and vegetables the year round. This book has guidelines for designing and maintaining a forest garden, with recommended species.. Author:HART, ROBERT A. DE J.. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : CREATING A FLOWER MEADOW Explaining how to create a natural habitat in your garden, whether large or small, this book enables you to observe the lifestyles of British flora and fauna and encourage the survival of wild flowers, native birds, butterflies and other insects. It includes a seasonal calendar and species lists.. Author:VERNER, YVETTE. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : BACKYARD COMPOSTING Composting allows you to do something for the part of the Earth you live with day by day: your own back garden. This book introduces the various types of composting bins and accessories, explaining the pros and cons of each type and giving instructions for building one from scrap materials.. Author:ROULAC, JOHN. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : TIMELESS SIMPLICITY This is a book about simplicity - not destitution, parsimony or self-denial - but the restoration of wealth in the midst of an affluence in which the author believes we are starving the spirit. It involves having less and enjoying more, spending time on work you love, family and creative projects.. Author:LANG, JOHN. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : AT HOME ON THE EARTH Richard Jefferies (1848-87) was an interpreter of English country life and natural observer. A "poet-naturalist" with an ecological vision, he understood the place of human beings among the life on earth. These writings offer an insight into his ideas and his relevance to contemporary ecologists.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : POETRY ON THE BUSES Published in association with Arriva buses, this collection of poems is intended for everyone, especially those who leave their cars at home. It includes works by Matthew Arnold, William Blake, Burns, Byron, Hardy, Masefield, Shelley, Tennyson, many modern poets and members of the public.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : GREEN LIVING IN THE URBAN JUNGLE Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle can be a daunting prospect for the average urban dweller, generally pressed for space, probably cash and definitely time. This handbook aims to address these issues head on, dispel the myths and provide some viable solutions.. Author:SIEGLE, LUCY. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : GREEN HOLIDAY GUIDE This guide contains details of 180 small-scale, eco-friendly places to stay, many of which are on working organic farms. The places included vary from the highly luxurious to basic camp sites, with the common feature being their authentic, sustainable, small-scale approach.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : GLOBAL SPIN This text examines the way that large corporations use their financial resources and power to counter gains made by environmentalists, to reshape public opinion and to persuade politicians against increased environmental regulation.. Author:BEDER, SHARON. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : OFF THE MAP This insider's guide to some of the most beautiful areas of the South Hams is designed around footpaths, bus routes and water transport, and aims to encourage people to leave the cars behind and enjoy the countryside at a slower pace. It lists local fetes, shows, regattas and child-friendly places.. Author:FITZGERALD, JANE. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : BUILDING WITH STRAW BALES Straw bale building is a radically different approach to the process of building. This practical guide gives details of all the main construction methods and covers bale specifications, plans, walls and foundations, plastering and building regulations, with answers to frequently asked questions.. Author:JONES, BARBARA. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : BATTLING BIG BUSINESS Losing control in the media arena as a result of activist pressure has become a public relations nightmare for the modern multinational enterprise. This text reveals how corporate giants attempt to control their "enemies" and how groups and individuals can fight back.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : GREEN HOLIDAY GUIDE This guide contains details of 120 places to stay in Spain and 40 places in Portugal, covering the northern mountains, central plains and subtropical south. The accommodation includes campsites, B&Bs, guesthouses, self-catering houses/apartments and hostel and group accommodation.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : ECOVILLAGE LIVING This is a guide to everything about ecovillages, from the tools to make them happen to the people behind them. It covers natural housing, water treatment systems, solar panels and composting toilets, and looks at community issues, such as working close to home and having neighbours whom you know.. Author:JACKSON, HILDUR SVENSSON, KAREN. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : EARTH SONGS This wide-ranging anthology of contemporary eco-poetry contains poems testifying to the modern violation of the natural order but also singing the diverse beauty of the earth, celebrating wildlife, the seasons, wilderness and the way our lives are in creative and destructive play with nature.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : YOU ARE, THEREFORE I AM Tracing his own spiritual journey, Satish Kumar - child monk, peace pilgrim, ecological activist and educator - considers the sources of inspiration which formed his understanding of the world as a network of multiple and diverse relationships, encapsulated in the dictum "You are, therefore I am".. Author:KUMAR, SATISH. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : STORY OF MY HEART This is not an autobiography in the ordinary sense, as it contains no history of Richard Jefferies' life, but is an outpouring of his soul. At odds with the world, Jefferies saw the land's beauty, the sea's grandeur and the interest of life but he longed for more and expressed this in his book.. Author:JEFFERIES, RICHARD. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : ORGANIC BABY BOOK Introducing readers to the basics of going organic for conceiving and raising a healthy child, this guide reviews organic products for babies, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and young families. This second edition covers more products, home delivery companies and useful websites.. Author:MAXTED-FROST, TANYIA. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : COMPOSTING FOR ALL Everyone can compost, whether they have a garden or not, producing lovely fertilizer without damaging peatbogs. But although more people now have compost bins, they don't always know how to use them properly. This booklet sets out, clearly and simply, all you need to know to ensure success.. Author:SCOTT, NICKY. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : EXPLORING GREEN LANES IN THE SOUTH HAMS The South Hams in Devon is an area of great beauty, with a wealth of ancient green lanes. In recent years a new project, "on the right tracks", has been set up to restore these lanes. Each chapter includes a map showing a walk together with details of the history of the lane and the local area.. Author:BELSEY, VALERIE. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : HOW TO STORE YOUR GARDEN PRODUCE Organic smallholder Piers Warren shows how to store and preserve your garden produce, enabling you to eat home-grown goodness all year round. The easy-to-use reference section enables you to look up applicable storage and preservation techniques for most garden produce.. Author:WARREN, PIERS. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : NO MAN'S LAND Following the author's travels with the Masai, the Samburu and the Turkani, this study looks at the struggles of nomads in East Africa. For years they have protected the savannahs that are their livelihood, but they are now threatened by bandits, farming, tourism and ironically, conservation.. Author:MONBIOT, GEORGE. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : POISONED ARROWS An account of George Monbiot's clandestine visit to the forbidden forest territories of Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Sealed from the outside world, it is home to tribes who have remained unchanged and unseen for centuries and who are now, along with their forest land, being systematically exterminated.. Author:MONBIOT, GEORGE. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : IMAGES OF EARTH AND SPIRIT An anthology of the work of over 50 artists who contributed to "Resurgence" magazine - an international forum for ecological and spiritual thinking. The work of these artists speaks of a new holistic sense of the universe - one of spirituality, openness and non-determinism.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : WORKING WITH THE CURLEW Trevor Robinson shares his enthusiasm and joy for his work as a shepherd on the moor at Great Whernside in Yorkshire, and later as a farmhand in Hereford, in this intimate account of an era before factory farming, when farmers worked closely with nature and the rhythm of the seasons.. Author:ROBINSON, TREVOR. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : ORGANIC DIRECTORY Lists the names, and telephone numbers of retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of organic foods, suppliers of organic gardening materials, and restaurants which specialize in organic food, in the UK and Channel Isles.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : STRANGELY LIKE WAR Designed for anyone who wants to understand the relationship between deforestation and our ecological crisis, this text serves as a "handbook" for forest and anti-globalization activists.. Author:JENSEN, DERRICK DRAFFAN, GEORGE. Discounted by 18%

Green Books : REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Packed with ideas for cutting your consumption, reducing your rubbish, reusing, and recycling, this guide will also tell you where your old plastic goes to, what happens to your old glass jars and how they handle waste in other countries.. Author:SCOTT, NICKY. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : SEEDS OF DECEPTION Worldwide industry manipulation and political collusion, rather than sound science, have brought dangerous genetically engineered food into our daily diet. This text reveals that company research is rigged and that political and corporate bullying form the seedy background to the spread of GM crops.. Author:SMITH, JEFFREY M.. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : SWEETSTONE Atmospheric black and white duotone photographs with text.. Author:SARSBY, JACQUELINE. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : SECRET NATURE OF DEVON A practical companion guide to the wildlife in Devon.. Author:COOPER, ANDREW. Discounted by 27%

Green Books : ALLOTMENT GARDENING A basic guide to setting-up and maintaining an organic allotment garden.. Author:BERGER, SUSAN. Discounted by 27%

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