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Harvard Common Press,u.s. : NURSING MOTHER, WORKING MOTHER Offers emotional support for working mothers and gives practical advice on such issues as selecting a breast pump, integrating pumping sessions into daily work routines, and maintaining a milk supply.. Author:PRYOR, GALE. Discounted by 27%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : PAUL KIRK'S CHAMPIONSHIP BARBECUE SAUCES Offering 175 recipes that impart bold, zesty flvaour to every cut of meat, Paul Kirk covers the classic American sauces with tomatoes, mustard, sugar, or vinegar at their base and offers a wealth of brews flavoured with such things as raspberries, pineapple, ginger, chilli peppers, and more.. Author:KIRK, PAUL. Discounted by 27%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : VEGETARIAN GRILL In 200 grill-tested recipes for smokey, fire-kissed food, the author makes room for a feast of foods and flavours, from simple sides and salads to hearty burgers, burritos, pizzas, and pastas.. Author:CHESMAN, ANDREA. Discounted by 20%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : JOY OF PICKLING Linda Ziedrich shows how to make pickles all year round in this book of 200 easy-to-prepare recipes from around the world. It features: step-by-step instructions, illustrations, charts and troubleshooting guides; and information on equipment, supplies and food safety.. Author:ZEIDRICH, LINDA. Discounted by 18%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : PREEMIE PARENTS' COMPANION A guide for parents caring for their premature infants describes the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and provides advice on meeting special needs from breastfeeding and handling to encouraging mental and physical growth.. Author:MADDEN, SUSAN L.. Discounted by 27%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : BASQUE TABLE This text is a collection of 130 recipes from the Basque region of Spain. The meals include garlic and bread soup, tuna, potato and green pepper stew, mushroom pinchos, pork loin with roasted peppers, chicken Basque-style, red snapper with piquillo sauce, and pears with red Rioja wine.. Author:BARRENCHA, TERESA GOODBODY, MARY BARRENECHEA, TERESA. Discounted by 27%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : BREAD LOVER'S BREAD MACHINE COOKBOOK The author, a "master baker," reveals how she transcended her skepticism over bread machines and discusses the wide variety of techniques and breads available to home bakers. Simultaneous.. Author:HENSPERGER, BETH. Discounted by 18%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : JAPANESE KITCHEN A guide to the culinary art of Japan discusses cooking techniques, equipment, and traditional ingredients, and includes more than 250 recipes for appetizers, soups, sushi, vegetables, meat and fish, and rice and noodle dishes.. Author:SHIMBO, HIROKO. Discounted by 27%


Harvard Common Press,u.s. : VEGAN PLANET A guide to vegan living features more than four hundred recipes for everything from pumpkin pie pancakes and fried green tomato po-boys to ginger-scented pot stickers, hot tamale vegetable pie, and brandy-apple pie.. Author:BARNARD, NEAL D.. Discounted by 18%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : LITTLE FOODS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN Mediterranean food expert Clifford Wright presents a jaw-dropping collection of more than 500 recipes for all sorts of appetizers, snacks, and little foods traditional across the Mediterranean.. Author:WRIGHT, C.A.. Discounted by 27%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : ULTIMATE ROTISSERIE COOKBOOK . Author:PHILLIPS, DIANE. Discounted by 27%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : GREAT BIG BURGER BOOK Introduces one hundred recipes for a variety of meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetarian burgers, along with directions for making homemade toppings, condiments, and sauces.. Author:MURPHY, JANE SINGH, LIZ YEH. Discounted by 27%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : BAKER'S FIELD GUIDE TO CHRISTMAS COOKIES A collection of seventy-eight Christmas cookie recipes from all over the world features each cookie photographed in full color as well as details about its country of origin and the traditions surrounding it. Gook Cook.. Author:WILSON, DEDE. Discounted by 18%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : ICEBOX DESSERTS Featuring more than one hundred recipes for a wide range of desserts, this guide to topping off any meal with a delightful treat includes instructions for preparing tiramisu, truffles, parfaits, and other no-bake, cold treats. Simultaneous.. Author:CHATTMAN, LAUREN. Discounted by 27%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : NEW GAS GRILL GOURMET Expanded and updated with more than one hundred new recipes, this comprehensive guide to grilling features three hundred recipes for a wide range of grilled foods, marinades, sauces, and more, as well as advice on how to grill with gas. Simultaneous.. Author:SINNES, A.CORT PUSCHECK, JOHN. Discounted by 27%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : BBQ QUEENS' BIG BOOK OF BARBECUE . Author:ADLER, K. FERTIG, JUDITH M.. Discounted by 27%

Harvard Common Press,u.s. : BBQ QUEENS' BIG BOOK OF BARBECUE . Author:ADLER, K. FERTIG, JUDITH M.. Discounted by 27%

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