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Ministry Of Gadgets : One For All TV Antenna This super slim indoor One for All TV antenna picks up a fantastic signal, without having an ugly aerial on top of your telly. It's so slim in fact (4mm), that you could even slide it down the back of your TV, and no-one would ever know.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Arnold The Hard One

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Pamela Pump 'Em Up

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear AC/DC The Electrically Charged Twins. Twin Set

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Mike Ping

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear D.J. The M.C

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Wicksy The Candle

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Mummy Bear The Egyptian

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Scratch 'n' Sniff Horsing Around

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Frank The Chef

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Guy The Explosive One

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Dee Dee The Flasher

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Nursie Ready When You Are

Ministry Of Gadgets : 1:6 Scale Radio Controlled F1 Car When we say this is huge, we mean this is huge. Each car can go up to 30km/h. Wow.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Mini Submarine This mini radio controlled submarine is perfect for use in the bath, sink, fish tank, or even your swimming pool. It has red, green and white flashlights.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Party iBot This radio controlled Party iBot is the perfect companion for lazy days. It'll clean up your spilt fag-ends, it'll bring you beer, and it'll even act as a guard dog.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Walther PPK BB Gun The original and best choice of Mr Bond. The removeable magazine in the handle holds up to 12 pellets, and falls from the handle just like the real thing.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Mini Aeroplane Easy to assemble Radio Controlled Aeroplane for a great price. 250 feet range.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Moe Lawnmower Man

Ministry Of Gadgets : Twister Double Duvet Cover Spin to win with this fabulous bedtime double duvet set. Fits all standard size double duvets (200cm x 200cm). Includes duvet cover, 2 pillow cases and 1 set of dice.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Whirlpool Mug The self-mixing whirlpool mug. Simply throw in your ingredients, and serve to your guests. They can mix the drinks themselves. Ideal for making Pina Coladas for your guests at a party.

Ministry Of Gadgets : England Mini Fridge Keep your beers cold while cheering on England. This 14ltrs fridge is totally portable and can be used indoors or outside. It has a heating option as well as cooling, and is CFC and HCFC free.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Terror Top Chumps A pack of 32 'Top Chumps' game cards containing all of the most feared rulers in history. The same game with the same rules as normal top trumps.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Car In A Can Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206 - Radio controlled car in a can. Race up to 4 cars at a time and choose from different styles. The lid of the box doubles up as the controller. Frequency - 27B (27Mhz)

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Sheldon The Easter Egg

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Coco The Clown Old Membership Please note, the membership is no longer available as a pack. However, we are selling off the old collectable membership packs with Coco The Clown. These are very limited stocks.

Ministry Of Gadgets : RU-21 Anti Hangover Tablets At last. A hangover cure that really really works. RU-21 is a 100% natural cure to the morning after. Contains 20 tablets. RU-21 hangover cure has been causing a stir around the world since the Russian product was brought to the the UK. Develiped for KGB spies to stop them getting drunk, these tablets had the reverse effect. You will still get drunk, but 2 of these taken before going to sleep will re-vitalise your body the next morning. This REALLY works.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Desert Eagle BB Gun Our best selling hand-held gun.This gun is the same size as the real thing, and quite impressive for a hand-held gun. It weighs 435g making it feel surprisingly realistic.

Ministry Of Gadgets : SmartMedia Card To hold more pictures at a higher resolution on your camera you will need a SmartMedia Card.

Ministry Of Gadgets : CompactFlash Card To hold more pictures at a higher resolution on your camera you will need a CompactFlash Card.

Ministry Of Gadgets : SecureDigital Card To hold more pictures at a higher resolution on your camera you will need a SecureDigital Card.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Edward The Bug Killer

Ministry Of Gadgets : Garden Flame Patio Heater Our best selling patio heater, the garden flame is a great looking sturdy unit. These offer great performance with 12kW output and a 5.5metre heat circle (approximately) at a highly affordable price. Available in dark green or stainless steel.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bath Caddy Indulge in a slice of heaven with this stylish bath caddy. Relax in the bath with a good book and a glass of the finest wine. There's even a candle holder for that 'mood lighting'. To fit a bath up to 90cm wide.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Universal Patio Heater Cover Green patio heater cover. This waterproof cover will fit all sizes of patio heater. Available in Green or Black.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Deck Grill Barbeque The award winning Deck Grills are the ultimate real fuel barbeques combing the modern barbeque with a traditional campfire. Constructed from 4mm steel and stainless steel they are heavyweight, durable, designed to last and come with chopping board and ash collector as standard. After the meal the cooking grills slide out and the barbeque becomes a traditional brazier. The perfect end to the day.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Universal Grill Barbeque Adjustable for full height, camping height or table top height.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 3 Burner Barbeque The Hotspot 3 burner Grill uses a cast iron ‘flame tamer’ system rather traditional Larva rock and includes chrome and stainless steel detailing. The cooking area is divided into cast iron griddle and grill.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Professional Barbeque Tool Kit This 18 piece barbeque tool kit contains everything needed to cook your burgers to perfection. Comes in a handy roll-up bag. Made from wood and steel. Canvas carry bag - with three buckles, handle, and shoulder strap.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Safety Brazier The safety firepit is new for 2004. Create the outstanding effect of a real log fire outside. This product is constructed from cast iron and includes a spark guard and hinged grill.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Stainless Steel 20 Piece BBQ Set Superior stainless steel tools with insulated handles in a striking chrome carrying case. Great men's gift.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Stainless Steel 5 Piece BBQ Set Superior stainless steel tools with insulated handles in a canvas carrying case.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Pepsi Can Mini Fridge The 6 litre Pepsi mini fridge is perfect for the home, office, boat, car, picnic or barbeque. It comes with a mains and a car charger and can hold 8 x 330 ml cans (Pepsi Cans).

Ministry Of Gadgets : Budweiser Can Mini Fridge This 6 litre mini fridge can hold 6 x 440ml cans (Budweiser Cans), comes with a mains and a car charger and even has a 'warming' function.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Become A Lord Or Lady Are you destined for greatness? Do you want to gain the respect and admiration you deserve? Well now you can by purchasing the official title of Lord or Lady.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Mini Blimp The radio controlled mini blimp is a fantastic entry level blimp. Comes with 4 different coloured balloons and can be flown in an amazing 8 different directions.

Ministry Of Gadgets : One For All 6 Kameleon Remote Control Rather than using boring buttons, the Kameleon remote uses touch screen technology to operate all your household remote control appliances.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Norman The Couch Potato

Ministry Of Gadgets : Waterbomb Catapult Fire waterbombs at your enemy up to 180 meters away - Great fun and hugely addictive. Chucking waterbombs is usually a childrens pastime. Not any more. You'll need three people to use this, but the results are devastating. Be careful not to fill the ballons with too much water though or you'll get a good soaking yourself. Precision bombing of targets up to 180m away has never been such fun.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bears Super Deluxe Membership Join the official Bad Taste Bears members club to receive a free Bad Taste Bear with loads of extras including discounts on future purchases and monthly newsletters.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Theresa The Nun

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Rington (Pink) The Pink Dummy

Ministry Of Gadgets : Micro Indoor Radio Controlled Plane This plane is a must for the youngsters out there.... or those just young at heart. It's great fun for home or in the park, although we accept no responsibility if you break a vase or other hideous household ornaments.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Tom Nice Kitty

Ministry Of Gadgets : Display Mini Fridge This really is one of the best looking fridges we've ever stocked. Due to the huge demand for 'see through front fridges' we've introduced this outstanding fridge to our range. Not only does this mini fridge cool to 20°C below ambient temperature, and heat to 65°C, it has an indicator on the front telling you the exact temperature inside.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 1:6 Scale Radio Controlled Nissan Skyline Nissan Skyline with full body kit. This massive 1:6 scale supercar has all the features of a real car. Flashing headlights, realistic engine sound (starting engine, braking etc). The controller comes with LCD display which shows the speed the car is travelling along with a really pretty picture. How nice. As an added bonus, when your car turns a corner, it's indicator lights up and makes a clicking sound. Do not underestimate this car's size. It's huge.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Hover Puck A UK first. This is great fun. Play football , hockey, bowling and loads of other great games. A vertually indestructable hovering frisbee which floats just millimetres from the ground. You can play with it on paths, driveways, floors and even carpets. Hit it with a stick or just use it as a football.

Ministry Of Gadgets : CO2 Bottle 165g CO2 bottle Screw thread bottle valve Consistent high power flow

Ministry Of Gadgets : Promask Fully adjustable head strap - Rugged construction - Rigid face section - Removable peak - ASTM safety approved - As used by many thousands of Paintballers and Airsoft skirmishers throughout the UK - Hard impact clear vision visor - Fully vented for 'non steam' and 'easy breathe' comfort - Protects eyes, nose, ears and mouth

Ministry Of Gadgets : Visual Loader Cyber Pod Transparent spring loaded lid. Rigid plastic tube. Holds 140 rounds

Ministry Of Gadgets : Hopper Elbow Fully adjustable hopper elbow joint. Transparent enables visal feed loading. Strong durable heavy duty plastic.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Visual Loader Pod Transparent spring loaded lid. Rigid plastic tube. Holds 100 rounds

Ministry Of Gadgets : Hopper 200 Round paintball hopper - Clear lid for easy vision - Solid casing

Ministry Of Gadgets : Combat Semi Auto Paintball Gun Features: - Black oxidised finish - Capable of 8 shots per second - Alloy body with abs pistol grip - Keyless velocity adjuster - Grooved sight rail - One piece polished vented barrel - One piece wrap-around ambidextrious grip - Match style finger trigger - Contoured fore grip - Bottom line CO2 feed - Safety catch - Manual ammo feed stop

Ministry Of Gadgets : Fish & Fire Video/DVD These fish and fire videos or DVD's will transform your TV into a cosy log fire or stylish aquarium - all with minimum effort and even less cost! Perfect for meal times or at Xmas when the whole family is round. Feel the ambience! Approximately 40 mins of running time and UK standard PAL.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Commando III Paintball Gun Features: - Gun metal finish - Alloy body - Keyless velocity adjuster - Grooved sight rail - One piece removable polished solid barrel - One piece wrap-around ambidextrious grip - - Extendable/detachable stock - Match style double finger trigger - Pressure gauge indicator - Contoured fore grip - Bottom line CO2 feed - Safety catch - Manual ammo feed stop - Semi-automatic

Ministry Of Gadgets : Commando II Paintball Gun Features: - Black oxidised finish - Keyless velocity adjuster - Grooved sight rail - One piece polished vented barrel - One piece wrap-around ambidextrious grip - Extendable/detachable stock - Match style double finger trigger - Contoured fore grip - Safety catch - Manual ammo feed stop - Semi-automatic

Ministry Of Gadgets : Commando I Paintball Gun Features: - Gun metal finish - Alloy body - Keyless velocity adjuster - Grooved sight rail - One piece removable polished solid barrel - One piece wrap-around ambidextrious grip - Bottom line CO2 feed - Safety catch - Manual ammo feed stop - Semi-automatic

Ministry Of Gadgets : Mobile Notetaker Capture, organize and share your notes digitally anywhere, anytime. Mobile notetaker is the world's first handwriting capture device based on natural handwriting as an input. Attach plain paper of any kind and use the Pegaus electronic pen to capture store and share handwritten drawings, sketches, notes and memos at meetings, letures and conferences. Mobile notetaker has a built-in LCD to confirm input. The on board flash memory can store up to 50 pages.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Plinkers (50 Pack).68 Paintball Pack of 50 .68 Paintballs -Blue/Yellow casing - Yellow paint - Bright Green casing - Bright Green paint -Yellow casing - Neon Yellow paint

Ministry Of Gadgets : Sex Timer Time your lover and have some fun. Will he be a stud or a dud? When the sand starts to pour, the action starts.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Spankometer Spanking the monkey has never been so much fun.....

Ministry Of Gadgets : Giant Sized Playing Cards Ideal for the BIG gambler. GIANT fun plastic playing cards for the BIGGEST game of your life. HUGE fun. OK, we get the idea.........

Ministry Of Gadgets : Lightning Reaction Lightning Reaction is the hottest item of the year!!! The best novelty gift on the market. The strength and poopularity of all the other shock items has been exceeded with this product. Pit your reactions against up to 3 other challengers - its fastest finger first and the slowest finger gets a shock.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Miss The Teacher

Ministry Of Gadgets : Slam Man Slam Man. The most advanced punch-bag in existence. This exercise machine has 3 levels and 5 different routines to keep you fit. Four routines are programmed into the Slam Man already, and the other is a completely random program. Once this monster is weighed down with sand or water, even Tyson couldn't knock it over. The Slam Man has a variable punch setting so it will react to any strength of punch. You can take all your aggression out on Slam Man and the best part is, he doesn't hit back, so at least you won't wake up with a black eye!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Sam The Fireman

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Kirk Beam Me Up Scotty

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Vladimir Mmmmm Vodka

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bears Neil And Armstrong The Wrestlers

Ministry Of Gadgets : Space Invaders 5-in-1 Plug 'n' Play Here come the aliens, in the first rendition of one of the most popular arcade games of all time, Space Invaders. Get your fingers ready, grab the controls, and start launching missiles at those pesky little critters!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Skully The Scary One

Ministry Of Gadgets : Tetris Arcade Game Tetris........ the most popular game of all time is back! This fantastic 2 player game makes a stunning return to your TV's. Flip the blocks and clear lines in Standard, Garbage, Timed, Hot Line and Battle Tetris. Speedy pieces, cascading lines and bonus lines add strategies to your game. Unique tetrimino controller allows for head 2 head play to see who has the best tetris technique.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Paintball Kit This is a complete kit which comes with the gun, hopper, air source, paintballs, barrel cloth, barrel cleaner and mask.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Arctic Ice Shots - 6 Pack The 'Arctic Ice Shot' is a shot glass made out of ice! This six pack of Arctic Ice Shots can be made from just water or alternatively can be flavoured and/or coloured i.e., a Margarita mix Arctic Ice Shot served with tequila or ice cold vodka served in a blue Arctic Ice Shot, rimmed with sugar. Arctic Ice Shots are an innovative way of serving ice cold shooters and are guaranteed to get friends coming back for more.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 5' Beech Pool Table Code BT21D 5A Sturdy wooden 5 foot pool table.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Telephone Voice Changer Have you seen the movie 'Scream'? Well now you can say 'Hello Sydney', and scare the hell out of your pals. This little unit cleverly disguises your voice on the telephone and has six voices to choose from.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Chinning And Sit Up Bar For chin-ups, sit-ups and stretching exercises. The chinning and sit up bar attaches in-between almost any door frame, up high for chin-ups or down low for sit-ups. Comes with instructions for different exercises so there really is no excuse for being lazy - wide grip chins, close grip chins, sit ups, hanging leg raise etc. Don't worry though, this is tough. If installed properly you won't break either the bar or your door frame.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 6' Pool Table With Table Tennis and Desktop Code BT21D-ROSE An amazing bargain. Not only do you get a quality 6ft pool table, you also get a table tennis top which reverses into a desktop, and all the accessories you could need.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Own Your Own Acre Of The Moon, Mars or Venus Own a genuine acre of either the Moon, Mars or Venus. With each property purchase you will receive a Deed, Constitution, Property Map, Mineral Rights, and a copy of the original Declaration of Ownership all in a nice silver pack.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Car In A Can Mini Mini - Radio controlled car in a can. Race up to 4 cars at a time and choose from different styles. The lid of the box doubles up as the controller. Frequency - 27A (27Mhz)

Ministry Of Gadgets : Remote Control Jammer The power jammer!!!! Seize control of your living room with these sneaky gadgets by jamming all the remote controls. Power is the word!! The remote control jammer will put a stop to your other half turning the footy off once and for all. Be the BOSS in your own home!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Spirit Measure With Bracket Perfect for all your home drinking needs. Fit a spirit measure in your bar or above your bed! The kit comes with a bracket for holding the bottle of your choice and a spirit measure for perfect shot pouring. Treat yourself!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Nap Zapper Nap Zapper is an ingenious and potentially lifesaving anti-drowsiness alarm. Simply attach behind your ear while driving. If you start to nod off an alarm will sound to keep you awake.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 6' Challenger American Pool Table Code BT6R Very sturdy construction and a nice size make this table a very attractive option.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Mini Roulette Set This roulette set is made to a high standard and includes a set of rules. As well as the 40cm green felt 'table' and 14 cm roulette wheel, there are plenty of gambling tokens and a spare ball. So will you hedge your bets on black or red or go for lucky 13? A fantastic starter set for any budding gamblers.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 6' Deluxe Pool Table Code BT6R BLK Deluxe marble 6 foot pool table with ball return. Feels like you're in the boozer.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Desktop Air Conditioner Remember those boiling mid-summer days last year where you're in your office, and your shirt's sticking to your back. Well not any more matey. Put one of these desktop air conditioners on your desk and make your colleagues green with envy at your coolness.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Zap Cap One amazing invention. Simply place the Zap Cap on your bottle of lager, and press down. When you take it off, the cap has been removed, and is held in the zap cap for you to bin. Fantastic.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Dummy Security Camera This dummy security camera is for indoor or outdoor use. Fantastically realistic looking with flashing light and motion sensor camera movement. Help to prevent or deter suspicious activity by placing your dummy security camera in an obvious place either at home or at work.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Top Trumps The legendary Top Trumps returns with a vengeance. Remember the good old days when all you could do was play Top Trumps?? Well those days are back for good. We've had literally hours of fun with these classics. Easy to play, you simply have to beat the other players category to claim their cards, and the one with all the cards wins. Hugely addictive.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Helicopter This knock-out radio controlled helicopter has been a fantastically popular best-seller. So get ready for lift off with this real, un-tethered, free flight, soaring, hovering, blows your mind and knocks your socks off Radio Controlled Helicopter!

Ministry Of Gadgets : 6' Brogue Pool Table Code BT40 The ultimate and finest non-slate bed table we sell. As quoted by Jimmy White "I thought it was a slate bed table. The cushions respond in the same way tables in pubs play. The whole table is marvellous". The Brogue was created to reproduce the playing characteristics of a slate bedded pool table but at a price that is more affordable than slate tables. We have achieved this with better than anticipated results.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Brazier Ever dreamed of having an open fire? Well now you can have one outside with this stunning looking piece of kit. Fantastic both for keeping warm and creating that perfect atmosphere. Constructed from spun steel with stainless steel handles, the brazier allows you to experience that real-fire feeling on the deck or patio.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Iraq Most Wanted Playing Cards You've probably seen the Iraq Most Wanted Playing Cards plastered all over the news lately. So now's your chance to own one of the only true collectables from Operation Iraqi Freedom. This is the same 55-card deck given to Coalition soldiers featuring Iraq's 52 "Most-Wanted" leaders.

Ministry Of Gadgets : L'Espion Xtra Digital Camera This is the big brother of the popular L'Espion Mini digital camera.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 4' Beech Pool Table Code BT21D 4 Great entry level Pool table. Flat packed for convenience, and complete with everything you'll need to get started.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Spy Scope This is really amazing! Open the Spy Scope and you have a telescope 8x, then close it and you have a powerful microscope 30x! So small you can easily bring it with you to the beach...or on a special mission!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Party Shooter Bottle Bongs. These are not advised for the inexperienced drinker. The party shooter turns drinking a bottle of beer into a cross between downing a pint and a yard of ale. Attach the party shooter to a bottle, let the air pressure do the work and feel the drink shoot down your throat at an amazing rate. Fun, fun, fun for the whole family! (That last bit's not really recommended for kids under say 9)

Ministry Of Gadgets : Sit Up Bar This sit up bar can turn a beer-gut into a six pack. Apparently. Simply slide the sit up bar onto the bottom of a door frame and tighten. It has an adjustable bracket which enables it to fit almost any door. The door is still functional with the sit-up bar attached. It has a padded adjustable foot bar and is designed to firm and tone your stomach, thighs and hips.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Drinking Hat Thirst Aid Helmet Drinking Hat. The classic boozy man's tool returns. Guzzle with no effort out and about, or simply loafing in front of the telly. This has to be one of the few gifts in the world that any bloke would love. Why not try a can of coke in one and a flask of rum in the other. Instant carnage!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Seadoo Sea Scooter The Seadoo Sea Scooter is the ultimate boys toy. If you're a fan of the water, be it snorkelling or scuba diving, this is an essential. Simply switch on, and let the Seadoo Sea Scooter do all the work for you.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Cheering Basketball Net A great gadget, and a great way to stop boredom at work. Attach the cheering basketball net to your waste paper bin, and practice your shooting skills while actually tidying up. (If you're a good shot). There is a motion sensor on the net that detects when a good shot has been made and issues you with a satisfying cheer.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Pull-It Bottle Opener Pull-It bottle opener. The best bottle opener ever invented (possibly). Ideal for those of you desperate to get into that bottle of wine in less than 3 seconds. It even comes with a free foil cutter, hurrah. Available in black only. Ideal as a present for any waitress or barman. They will love you forever for it!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Hammock Relax and unwind with a good book and a glass of your favourite tipple.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Power Push Up Bars The power push-up bars are specifically designed to reduce the stress on you wrists and forearms. If you've done push ups on the floor and hurt your wrists or forearms before, you are not alone. It is a common complaint, and this is the answer. Unique design allows a deeper push-up for increased muscle development.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Mini Desktop Racing Play desktop formula 1 anywhere. This scaled down race track can be assembled in under 2 minutes (it's true, we tested it), and contains 2 different coloured cars, 2 hand-held controllers, track, and crash barriers all at this incredible price. It's bleedin' great fun too.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Desktop Coffee Maker Make the best coffee in town right at your own desk with the desktop coffee maker. Easy to use, just add ground coffee and water.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Deluxe Wine Holder The Deluxe Wine Holder is an ideal gift for the wine connoisseur. Perfect for picnics or to simply impress the other half.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Glass Yard Of Ale Hilarious fun for the serious professional drinker. If you can down a yard of ale, you're a hero in our eyes. The secret is to turn the glass while you're drinking. If you don't, about half way through, the lot flies down the glass and gives you a soaking. Holds about 3 pints, and is approximately 90cm tall (or 1 yard surprisingly enough).

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Arran The Knitter

Ministry Of Gadgets : Professional Cocktail Shaker This professional stainless steel cocktail shaker comes in 3 parts, and has a built-in strainer.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 4' Snooker Table Code BT4C 4B Fantastic price for this entry level snooker table. Comes flat packed and fully assembled ready for use. Simply unfold the legs and you're ready to play.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Willy The Flasher

Ministry Of Gadgets : Soft Hand Grips Now you really can excercise while watching TV with these 'Strong Tension' hand grips. Specially designed to strengthen your wrists, forearms and fingers. Comes in a pack of 2 soft hand grips for when you're feeling really powerful. Simply squeeze the soft hand grips together for the laziest, most effective workout ever.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Russell The Itcher

Ministry Of Gadgets : Skipping Rope With Counter Favoured by boxers, this skipping rope with counter makes skipping easy and fun and is a great way to improve fitness and balance. Skipping stimulates circulation and total physical fitness while increasing endurance and stamina. And it's surprisingly knackering. The handles are made of heavy duty plastic and the counter goes right up to 999.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Firebird Commander Radio Controlled Aeroplane The easiest flying radio controlled aeroplane ever. And at a great price too. The Firebird Commander gives you two ways to fly: Standard mode and Expert mode. If you've never flown before Standard Mode will have you up and flying like a pro in no time.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled B2 Stealth Bomber The B2 Stealth Bomber is possibly the best radio controlled product we sell. This beauty runs rings around anything else in the sky. Prepare to be impressed.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Bernie The Toker

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Louie The Squeezer

Ministry Of Gadgets : Electric Ice Crusher Simply chuck your ice into the machine, and switch on. This stylish and modern-looking electric ice crusher will crush your solid ice cubes into 'slush puppy' ice. Perfect for cocktails, or simply adding cordial to create your own 'slush puppies'. Comes complete with ice tray and scoop.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Ewan The Sheep Lover

Ministry Of Gadgets : Remote Control Watch Fantastic idea. This remote control watch controls the majority of TV's, videos and stereos. Turn the footy up when you're in the pub and the volume isn't loud enough, or simply stun and annoy your mates by changing channel on their TV. Analogue watch with built-in infra-red universal remote control.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Valentino The Lover

Ministry Of Gadgets : Chilli Egg Mini Fridge Be one of the first to own this stylish new Mini Cooler. New Edge design combines unique looks with extraordinary performance. The thermoelectric design is guaranteed CFC free and can cool or warm!. The Chilli Egg mini fridge is ideal for home or office and is a great talking point at your next party! It even glows a peaceful blue in the dark.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Blind Ignorance Bling Ignorance - you know this game. It's the one where you stick the name of a famous person on your forehead, and have to guess your identity by asking other people questions about yourself. Of course, they can only answer yes or no.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 7' Westbury Coin Operated Pool Table Code HT 7UKN The same pool table as you play in the pub. It's coin operated, but don't worry, the keys are supplied so you can use the same money over and over again. Or make money off your mates when they come round.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Car In A Can Landrover Landrover Discovery - Radio controlled car in a can. Race up to 4 cars at a time and choose from different styles. The lid of the box doubles up as the controller. Frequency - 27D (27Mhz)

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Car In A Can BMW BMW - Radio controlled car in a can. Race up to 4 cars at a time and choose from different styles. The lid of the box doubles up as the controller. Frequency - 27A (27Mhz)

Ministry Of Gadgets : Ice Crusher Manual ice crusher. Chuck ice in, and turn the handle. You can have either fine crushed ice (by turning the handle clockwise), or coarse crushed ice (by turning the handle anti-clockwise). Made from tough plastic, and ideal for cocktails or 'slush puppy' drinks.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Car In A Can Mercedes Mercedes-Benz - Radio controlled car in a can. Race up to 4 cars at a time and choose from different styles. The lid of the box doubles up as the controller. Frequency - 27C (27Mhz)

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Jeckyl The Scitso

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Angus The Scot

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Buffy The Gimp

Ministry Of Gadgets : Small Mini Cooler This is the small version of the Classic Mini Cooler fridge. As it's big brother, this small mini cooler can either keep your beer cool, or warm up your takeaways. It has a handy carry handle, a metal chrome door handle, and the inside shelf is positionable to 3 different heights. It also has a 'hot' function if you ever need to warm anything. Holds approximately 6 litres (8 coke cans at a squeeze to you and me). Comes complete with car and mains charger.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Executive Punching Bag Stress got you punchy?? This rough-and-tough executive punchbag has got what it takes for you to let off steam. Including gym-style return action.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Lucky Lucky Dip

Ministry Of Gadgets : Black Chip Case Take your chips with you in this stylish black vinyl padded case. Padded internally with dark green cloth. Hold up to 300 chips, 2 packs of cards, and 5 dice.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 9' Atlantic Pool Table Code TY 5 9 Foot Competition Size Vegas Pool Table.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Mini M16 BB Gun Now this is fun. Fires an unbelievable 120 rounds per minute, which spells quite a frightning buzz, especially when using 2 BB guns at the same time.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 9' Vegas Pool Table Code TY 1 9 foot competition size Vegas Pool Table.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Walther P99 BB Gun Recognise the name Walther?? Of course you do, it's the make of gun Bond uses. This BB gun really looks and feels good, and has a very realistic feel about it.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 9' Vegas Pool Table Code TY 2 9 foot competition size Vegas Pool Table.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Colt 25 BB Gun The kind of gun you often find hidden in the garter of a leggy blond in a Bond movie

Ministry Of Gadgets : Micro UZI BB Gun This amazingly realistic UZI is the actual size of the real thing. It fires single shots, and the look of this gun really impresses.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bag of 1000 Pellets Bag of 1000 pellets for use in any of the BB guns we sell. They are re-usealbe, but you'll be surprised how many of these you actually lose around the house and garden.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Mini Radio Controlled Car These tiny radio controlled cars really are excellent fun and outstanding value for money. This is the definition of 'desktop racing'.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Shooting Net Must-have accessory for any BB enthusiast. This target folds away nicely for storage, catches all your bb's in the net, and comes complete with targets.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Sex In Progress Light Simply place one of these above the door outside your bedroom. If you've been to a night club and got lucky, make sure no-one walks in on you by lighting the 'Sex In Progress' sign.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 9' Vegas Silver Dollar Pool Table - Code TY-4 9 foot competition size Vegas Pool Table.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Garden Torch Create an outstanding effect in your garden this summer. The garden flares take standard 350g gas canisters, and will burn continuously for 9 hours on full power. Lightweight and affordable, these garden torches run from 'blow torch' cylinders housed at the top of the unit. These torches give a fantastic real flame light and are suitable for home or commercial use.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Exacto Pourer An essential tool for any booze cabinet. The exacto pourer simply fits onto any spirit bottle, and when poured, dispenses an exact measure of 25ml into your glass. Ideal for filling glasses with equal measures. The Exacto Pourer fits on most branded spirit bottles, but is not suitable for thicker spirits like Baileys. Comes in a pack of 2.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Jack What A Beanstalk

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear J.Edgar The Hoover

Ministry Of Gadgets : Poker Dice Set of five 15mm poker dice in plastic case.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Ring Bottle Opener This ring bottle opener is the perfect fashion accessory for the budding bar man (or woman)!!

Ministry Of Gadgets : 4' Blue Grey Air Hockey Code H4B 111 4 foot starter air hockey table with electric motor.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 5' Blue Veneer Air Hockey Code H5D 111 This 5 foot table has an electric motor and foldaway use for easy storage.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 5' Beech Air Hockey Code H5D A This 5 foot table has an electric motor and foldaway use for easy storage.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Massage Pen Relieve stress any time, any place. The vibrating tip of this massage pen is activated when the pen is pressed down onto any part of the body to give a soothing massage. They've even included a pressure point chart for optimum massage areas. How nice.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Stomp Rocket Forget the picture of the kids on the box. This is pure adult fun, and everybody loves having a go. Simply stamp on the pressure pad and see how unbelievably high these things shoot, ie about 400ft.. You can alter the angle of launch to see whose goes furthest or gets nearest to a target (ie one of your mates). It's also very entertaining watching people trying to catch the rockets, and as they're soft you shouldn't knock yourself out either. So little money for so much fun!!

Ministry Of Gadgets : X-Zylo This really flies. The X-Zylo is like a weird shaped frizbee that goes and goes. Takes a bit of getting used to but can be compared to throwing an American football. Great fun, especially when it's windy! 9.5cm diameter, the world record is 600ft for one throw!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Roulette Cloth Play roulette in style in the comfort of your own home with this quality, tough, dark green baize roulette cloth.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 6' Blue Grey Air Hockey Code H6E 111 A good size well built air hockey table.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 5' Snooker Table Code BT4C 5A A superb looking, good size snooker table. Ideal for your dining room or garage to keep the kids amused.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Gambling Chip Set With Vinyl Case Black vinyl chip case including the following: Three hundred Vegas quality clay-style gambling chips as used in real Casinos (six sets of 50 chips, each set a different colour). Two packs of Vegas casino cards and a set of poker dice.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 3' Micro Football Table Code F3B-A Fantastic beginners football table. Ideal for the kids, but also great for immature grown ups. All men then!!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Gambling Chip Set With Aluminium Case Super smart aluminium chip case including the following: Three hundred Vegas quality clay-style gambling chips as used in real Casinos (six sets of 50 chips, each set a different colour). Two packs of Vegas casino playing cards and a set of poker dice. If you're looking for a quality product that will impress, then look no further.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Electronic Cocktail Database Complete with integral double ended spirit measure, this hand-held cocktail recipe database contains details of 40 cocktails. Whether you fancy a classic Martini, White Russian or Blue Hawaiian, simply select your choice on your electronic cocktail database and the backlit display will show you the ingredients, what type of glass to use and whether to blend, shake or stir!

Ministry Of Gadgets : The Procrastinator The complete waste of time. Are you bored at work? Is your boss off for the day? You need The Procrastinator. Quite simply this jotter pad contains hundreds of things for you to do to pass the time in the office, or to doodle on whilst on the phone. The mad pad that really is a complete waste of time.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 6' Atlantis Snooker Table Code BT4C Six foot Snooker Table for our more sophisticated customers. Great to pretend to buy for the kids when you really want it for yourself!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Tea Bag Bin NEW, from 2 of the stars of Big Brother 2 comes the product everyone's been talking about! The Tea Bag Bin is a brand new concept invented by those two blokes from Big Brother 2, Dean and Stuart.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Alec The Muff Diver!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Inflatable Basketball Inflatable Basketball game which deflates to a tiny package. The ball is soft enough not to do any damage indoors and the base can be filled with water or sand to make it more stable. The perfect alternative to an expensive and impractical outdoor net. You will feel like Michael Jordan doing 360`spin dunks and alley-oops with your mates. If you don't know what I'm talking about order this today and prepare to be struck with basketball fever.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 6' Deluxe Snooker Table Code BT5C 6CH Beautiful and stylish. This snooker table really looks the part and plays fantistically well.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Computer Rear View Mirror Ever wished you had eyes in the back of your head? With the computer rear view mirror you'll be able to make sure your boss isn't about to sneak up and catch you looking at things you shouldn't be looking at. You never know, they could even save your career!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Eclipse Digital Camera True 2.0 Megapixel digital camera with flash, smart media slot & screen in a durable metal case.

Ministry Of Gadgets : L'Espion XS We couldn't decide which section to put this in. Is it a spy gadget or a digital camera?? Well it's both really. Not only do you get a great little digital camera in a stylish cigarette-looking case capable of taking up to 99 pictures

Ministry Of Gadgets : The Fly Catcher Fly Catcher is an electronic fly-swatting device based on the idea of the 'Venus Fly Trap'. It contains all the features associated with the real plant, but doesn't need watering! It can be placed anywhere in the your house, office or even the garden. The Fly Catcher is a fully working fly, wasp and mosquito catcher, killing all known flies dead, and it burps!!

Ministry Of Gadgets : PocketCam 3.0 Digital Camera The stylish new PocketCam 3 Mega is the newest offering from AIPTEK.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Cooler Champagne Bucket Keep your bubbly cool with this great value cooler champagne ice bucket. Looks the part too.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 6' Queen Anne Carved Leg Snooker Table Code BT10 This elegant table will grace any home.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 12' Westbury Snooker Table Code 1665 Built by craftsmen - played on by world champions - acclaimed by the experts. This full size 12' table was the same as the actual table used in the snooker world championships between 1979 and 1991.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 4' football Table Code F4824 4' Football Table. This is an outstanding entry-level football table, measuring approximately 4' long, by 2 1/2' wide. Comes flat packed, and complete with scorers and balls. The surround and legs are both made of wood.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 4' Striker Mini Football Table Code F4824C 4' Football Table. The striker version. Grey, blue metallic finish MDF (15mm) laminated PVC

Ministry Of Gadgets : 4 in 1 Games Table Code M4B 1 Great value for money - play table football, pool, air hockey and table tennis all on the same table.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 4Ft 6Inch Silver Bullet Football Table Code ST9 New silver cabinet design footy table.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 4Ft 6Inch Deluxe Mahogany Football Table Code F16D Fantastic looking sturdy football table.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear James The Sniffer

Ministry Of Gadgets : Air Hog Firestormer This plane will fly the length of a footy pitch and a lot further. Simply pump it up, and let it fly. Prepare to be ready to chase it! The firestormer looks great, and even makes a very satisfying noise which gathers a crowd of interested would-be aviators!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Vertical CD Player What makes this stereo stand out is the fact that it can be wall mounted. Obviously it can be free standing if required, but stuck on the wall, this stereo looks simply stunning! It has all the functions and the sound quality you would expect from a £200+ stereo system. It has a very cool vertical CD loading system, with soft-touch control of the electronic CD door. Along with this, you get the usual CD player, radio, clock, remote control and even temperature function.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Rubber Ashtray An amazing idea. A rubber ashtray which amazingly doesn't melt when you stub your ciggies out. LIFETIME GUARANTEE Special formulation silicone rubber, resistant to burning and melting.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bottle Stopper Stop people drinking your booze. Simply place the bottle stopper on your bottle of Jack Daniels, Pernod, or whatever you want to keep safe (even beer if you're really tight), twist, and enter your code. Nobody can touch your booze, until your unlock code is entered.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Keyring Bottle Opener Simply attach the keyring bottle opener to your keyring to open bottles anytime anywhere.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Wall Mounted Bottle Opener No more fumbling around in draws trying to find something to open your beer with. The wall mounted bottle opener simply screws onto the wall with the supplied screws for easy access to your bottle.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Airzooka Shoot your annoying colleagues with a ball of air. Airzooka is the fun gun that blows a harmless ball of air towards any object or person! Laugh with amusement as, seemingly from nowhere, you are able to mess up a person's hair, ruffle their shirt, dress or office paper from a distance, or just 'blow 'em away'

Ministry Of Gadgets : One For All Cordless Signal Sender SV-1710 Got Sky or Cable TV? Want to watch it in another room? Well now you can with the One For All signal sender. Attach one receiver to your main TV, and the other to the TV in your other room, and hey presto.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Spy Calculator A working calculator that will pick up and transmit conversations to the receiver up to 100 yards way. The Spy Calculator is ideal for the travelling salesman about to get the biggest deal in the company's history. Leave the calculator in the meeting room, pop out for a minute, and listen in to see if you're going to strike it rich. People have no idea of the potential of this device.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Pipeline Torches These contemporary design garden torches are constructed from wood, stainless steel and high quality resin. They are powered by lamp oil and come complete with extinguishing caps that very neatly slot into the pole.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Covert Cam To keep an eye on those you love...those you don't...and those you might like to… This handy little camera uses the newest wireless technology to send a colour image and audio signal to any TV or VCR up to 30 meters from the camera...just imagine all the possibilities!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Mobile Phone Sensor Pen This mobile phone sensor pen is a ball point pen which has an integral red LED light that flashes whenever a mobile phone call is sent or received.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Spot The Intro 3 Spot The Intro 3 Quiz CD is a fantastic party game suitable for all ages. The supplied CD contains 99 games, each containing loads of short music clips. This adds up to literally hundreds of intro's ranging from the 60's, to film and TV themes. Comes with hi-fi audio CD, solution and rule book, score pad and pencil, all for this fantastic price.

Ministry Of Gadgets : TV Messenger Wire this little beauty up to your TV, and you don't even have to leave your sofa to see who's calling. If you've got caller id on your line (if you haven't, ring BT on 150 from your landline, and they'll set it up for you), this little gadget will put the name and number on your TV screen, so you can stay put if you don't want to speak to them!

Ministry Of Gadgets : 13' Trampoline Code TRAM-13A Bouncing fun for the whole family. This 13ft trampoline is a must for those hot summers days. In fact, it's made from all weather material for year round use, saving you the hassle of having to take it down when the winter comes. It's also easy to install using the spring loaded tool included.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 4Ft 6Inch Oak Football Table Code F1005 The newest football table in our range. Good size and build.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Executive Hammock Honestly, this really is a full size hammock crammed into a tiny box. The executive hammock is the ultimate in relaxation and is compact enough to tuck into your briefcase, handbag or lunchbox.

Ministry Of Gadgets : L'Espion S Digital Camera Unbelievably, the L'Espion S Digital Camera is a mini digital camera which is the same size as, and operates in the same way as, a Zippo lighter. Simply flip the top open and you're ready to snap. Measuring at an amazing 5.5cm x 3.7cm, this really is a pocket digital camera.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Micro Radio Controlled Boat Powered by 2 motors and solidly designed the Micro Radio Controlled boats are truly a quality product, providing hours of fun both inside and out! These boats are small enough to mess about with in the bath or paddling pool.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Battle Tank Radio Controlled Battle Tank - Now this is as about near as most of us will get to actually driving a tank!! We are talking a fully controllable, actual BB firing 1/24 scale model TANK!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Power BB Tank Hot on the heels of the remote controlled battle tank comes its little brother, the radio controlled power BB tank! Smaller than the Battle Tank yet still an awesome force.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Hovercraft Ever driven a radio controlled car through a puddle and wished you hadn't? Ever wished that your radio controlled boat would work on land? Well if you have and even if you haven't, - everyone's a winner with a Radio Controlled Hovercraft!

Ministry Of Gadgets : 16 Inch Roulette Set Fantastic value for money roulette set. Comes complete with a 16" roulette wheel, 120 chips in 6 different colours, 2 balls, felt layout and rake. The felt cloth is double sided with roulette on one side and blackjack on the other. We've even provided 2 packs of playing cards should you want to play blackjack instead of roulette. Aren't we nice.

Ministry Of Gadgets : One For All TV Aerial SV 9000 Gives you the best reception of all analogue and digital channels.

Ministry Of Gadgets : One For All TV Aerial SV 9100 Gives you the best reception of all analogue and digital channels.

Ministry Of Gadgets : One For All TV Aerial SV 9120 Gives you the best reception of all analogue and digital channels.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Horny Devil The Evil One

Ministry Of Gadgets : Blackjack Cloth Semi-professional tough dark green blackjack cloth. 36" x 72".

Ministry Of Gadgets : Glowing Ice Cubes Fantastic for parties, or just to impress. Simply bang the glowing ice cubes down on one side to turn the light on, and on the other side to turn off. These glowing ice cubes are filled with a special non-toxic gel which will freeze like any normal ice cube. The L.E.D in the glowing ice cube will last for approximately 30 hours, and the pack comes with one red, and one yellow glowing ice cube.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Magnetic Bottle Opener Never get stuck rooting round your cupboards for a bottle opener again. The magnetic bottle opener simply sticks to the fridge for the perfect removal of the only thing stopping you drinking your favourite tipple.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Smokers Stickers Why not cover up the new, black-bordered health warnings appearing on your favourite brand of cigarettes with these realistic and less-stressfull stickers.

Ministry Of Gadgets : 6' Honey Maple Pool Table Code BT21D Possibly the cheapest 6 foot pool table on the market. Comes complete with balls, 2 cues and triangle.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Precision Digital Camera A digital camera for under £15!! An unbelievable price for an outstanding camera. The size of a matchbox, this camera can take up to 80 photo's, and comes complete with everything you'll need.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Zippy OUCH!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Mr Magica Abra Cadabra

Ministry Of Gadgets : Books For The Bog Sitting upon the Throne can be boring. That's where these come in. Choose from three great books to make your time more enjoyable. And they're even splashproof. Horray.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Portable DVD Player 7 Inch An outstanding piece of kit. This tiny portable DVD player measures just 19.6cm(L) x 15cm(W) x 2.8cm(H), and functions fantastically well. It has a high-resolution 7" TFT LCD screen in 16:9 widescreen format, and delivers 24-bit sound via headphones or the internal speakers, and even has a remote control.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Quantum Digital Camera Packed full of features, great battery life and a great size too, this really is an outstanding digital camera.

Ministry Of Gadgets : L'Espion Mini Digital Camera The L'Espion Mini digital camera is tiny, reliable and comes with a 5 year warranty. It has to be seen to be believed, and at this price it's well worth the investment.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Shocking Roulette Shocking Roulette is a simple, but deadly 4 player game. Simply choose the number of players, put your fingers in the slots and press the start button. When the bleeping stops, the screaming starts. The victim confirmation light will show who got shocked, but, believe us, you'll know anyway. Great fun - lots of screams and giggles! For 2 - 4 Victims

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Ariel The Washer Woman

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear John Smith Beer Belly

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Cameron The Snapper

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Tex The Mexican

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Joy Good Vibrations

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Tug The Nose Hair Picker

Ministry Of Gadgets : Finger Print Lock Keys are a thing of the past. The Finger Print Lock comes right out of a Bond movie, and it actually works a treat. Simply place your finger on the sensor to open the door. Sheer genius. The Finger Print Lock is hugely reliable, only rejecting approximately 1 in 1000 tries (if you do get rejected, simply try again, and if needed, there is a personal pin number override).

Ministry Of Gadgets : Complete Casino Night Get your mates round, slip on your best tux, and prepare to impress. You may even win some cash too. The Complete Casino Night contains everything you need for a whole evenings gambling entertainment including roulette wheel, double sided cloth, chips, rake, cards and even a recipe book for making nibbles, a costume suggestion book and a casino rules book.

Ministry Of Gadgets : One For All 4 Kameleon Remote Control The baby brother of the ever popular One For All Kameleon 6. Both smaller in size, and in price, this remote will operate any 4 different devices be it your TV, video, stereo, satellite, or basically anything that uses a remote. And we mean anything. If it doesn't work, it doesn't exist.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Humphrey The Humping Dog This has got to be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated. OK, it may be in pretty bad taste, but this is one of the funniest things we've seen in ages. Strap the Humping Dog (nice name) to your leg, press the button on it's ear, and watch as Humphrey girates and yaps harder and harder until his final satisfied push. Sheer genius. The action goes on for an impressive 30 seconds. (ish)

Ministry Of Gadgets : Huge Beer Or Wine Glass The glass for the big drinker. If you can handle your drink, this is the glass for you. It also saves you having to get up and down to the fridge to refill your girlie normal sized glass.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Barmaster In a nutshell, the Barmaster is a hip-flask shaped gadget with a built in cocktail recipe book. It has a database of over 500 cocktails which you can search by name, ingredient, category and occasion. Never be stuck not knowing what to do with an old bottle of booze again. Simply enter the tipple and the Barmaster will recommend loads of great cocktail ideas for you. And on top of all this, you can even use it to calculate your blood alcohol level.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Electric Shock Pen And Lighter Fed up of people pinching your pen at work or your lighter down the pub? Teach them a lesson once and for all. These very realistic devices deliver a harmless electric shock when pressed, and the reactions are priceless. The Deputy Editor at Front magazine described it as 'Without a doubt one of the best things I've been sent since I've worked at the mag. It's just the faces people make'

Ministry Of Gadgets : Recipe Cocktail Shaker Make a selection of the latest cool cocktails with the recipe cocktail shaker, from Cosmopolitans to Long Island Iced Tea with a donkey of a kick. Just rotate the recipe cocktail shaker to one of your selections, where all of the ingredients and serving suggestions will be displayed on the side. Made from quality stainless steel.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Frosty Mug Ice Tankard Never punish yourself with warm beer again. Simply place the frosty mug in your freezer for about 1 hour, remove and fill. The ice tankard will make your warm beer cold, or stop your cold beer going warm. A simple idea which works

Ministry Of Gadgets : Maxi XXXL Lighter This isn't really a lighter you could take to the pub with you. It's a HUGE zippo style lighter measuring 17cm x 11.5cm x 3.5cm which really looks good as a centre piece at home. Saying that, taking it to the pub will certainly turn some heads.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Motorised UK Coin Sorter A quick and easy way to sort your spare change. Innovative sorting technology allows you to feed all UK coins into the hopper in one go. The coin sorter does the rest, dispensing coins into 8 different tubes by value of pence or pounds. To access the filled tubes, simply open the coin drawer.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Inflatable Punchbag Serious exercise that's fun for the whole family. Our inflatable punching pillar is a knock-out for improving coordination and flexibility, burning calories and venting stress. It rocks back and forth with every punch, providing the knock-down/instant-up motion that builds endurance and sharpens reflexes. Ideal for kick-boxing workouts too (without shoes of course).

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Car In A Can Audi TT Audi TT - Radio controlled car in a can. Race up to 4 cars at a time and choose from different styles. The lid of the box doubles up as the controller. Frequency - 27A (27Mhz)

Ministry Of Gadgets : Mini Radio Controlled Stunt Car The Mini Stunt Car is the latest edition to our 'mini' range, and by far the most fun. Powered by 2 powerful motors running at 26,000 RPM, the flipper's front wheels will spin through 360 degrees on corners allowing for the buggy to flip and pop wheelies. Two small wheels on the top of the buggy mean it simply lands back upright to carry on stunting!

Ministry Of Gadgets : Sky Digital Remote Control Whether you are looking to replace your existing Sky Remote, or simply require another one for another box in your house, look no further. This Sky Remote Control operates any Sky Digibox receiver.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Can Crusher Time to do your bit for the environment? Well crush cans. This wall mounted can crusher will easily crush any cans up to 16oz. With it's soft grip handle it's simple and safe to use and even comes with a handy bottle opener. Go on, do your bit.

Ministry Of Gadgets : La Z Boy Cool Chair The La Z Boy Cool Chair (formerly the Oasis) is the ultimate in luxury for every lazy boy couch potato. Your poor man - look at the way he expends himself every weekend. Between trips to the bathroom, trips to the fridge, and those annoying phone calls to order the pizza, he hardly caught the full match last Sunday. This horrible injustice must stop.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Card Shuffler Automatic playing card shuffler shuffles any standard two decks completely, right before your eyes. Push button operation.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Car In A Can Ferrari Ferrari - Radio controlled car in a can. Race up to 4 cars at a time and choose from different styles. The lid of the box doubles up as the controller. Frequency - 27D (27Mhz)

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Turbo Blimp Radio Controlled Turbo Blimp. Simply fill with helium (available from most florists) and dive bomb your family with this indoor airship. Great fun. Comes complete with a three channel control unit that gives you full control; left right, backwards, forwards, up and down.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Beer Belt Never be far away from a beer again. This fully adjustable beer belt fits most sizes and holds up to 6 cans or bottles. In our opinion, this is the world's best invention EVER.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Smoking Is My Choice So xxxx Off Ashtray A very pleasant ashtray for those of you who have simply had enough of people trying to tell you what to do. Please note, the ashtray has the 'F' word printed on it, not xxxx.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Tea Bag Bin And Tea Caddy Now the Tea Bag Bin guys have come up with another add-on. The Tea Bag Bin Caddy. This double pack comes with the 2 together for this great price. One for unused bags, one for used.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Top Trumps - Limited Editions These limited edition Top Trumps won't be around forever.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Top Trumps - Specials These special edition Top Trumps won't be around for long.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Can Cooler Mini Fridge The latest exclusive mini cooler for indoor or outdoor use, the Can Cooler can be used in the garden, car, caravan, boat and even on picnics.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Stainless Steel Tea Bag Bin A stunning alternative to the classic Tea Bag Bin. This stainless steel version will light up any kitchen.

Ministry Of Gadgets : The Fish Handheld Mouse The Fish is a revolutionary new hand held mouse that will change the way we use computers. With no complicated set up or software, The Fish simply plugs into any available USB port and is ready to use. Being hand held, surfing the Internet, playing games, designing or editing becomes a pain free pleasure. Without the need for a flat surface, The Fish is ideal for use with a laptop computer on trains or planes, where room is restricted.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Radio Controlled Mini Vectron This really is the easiest flying gizmo we've ever used. As it's a hovering toy, it's only really recommended for indoor use. However, take it out on a still dry day to see how high you can actually fly this UFO. The mini vectron is simply a joy to use.

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Electra The Washer Woman

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Phil The Stuffed One

Ministry Of Gadgets : Bad Taste Bear Rington The Dummy

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