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Cheapest Moulinex Shops UK Online

The summary below is a selection of the top online shops which provide some extra special offers on Moulinex items...

The list below contains some of the brand items available to buy Moulinex

Click on one of the top online stores for some cheaper deals on Moulinex items.

Moulinex : Moulinex Deluxe Stainless Steel Mill 843 FREE DELIVERY! 180 Watts 85 Gram capacity Double safety system Quiet operation

Moulinex : Salad Spinner A313 FREE DELIVERY! Easy to grip handle. Large Capacity. Hardwearing geering

Moulinex : Mill A320 FREE DELIVERY! Powerful 700 Watts. 200 Gram capacity. Lid control. Spatula accessory. Optional blender accessory available

Moulinex : Mouliware Mouli Julienne A445-08 FREE DELIVERY! Makes great tasting crunchy salad in no time. Five grids

Moulinex : Super Junior Coffee Grinder A505 FREE DELIVERY! White finish. 180 Watt Power. 60 Gram capacity. Double safty system. Quiet operation

Moulinex : Juicer A753 FREE DELIVERY! 400 Watts Auto ejection of pulp into container Continuous functioning

Moulinex : Ovatio 2 Food Processor AAT4 FREE DELIVERY! 2 Litre processor bowl with safety locking lid. Two speed. Dishwasher safe storage cage for accessories which sits in bowl

Moulinex : Ovatio 3 Duo Food Processor AAT7R4 FREE DELIVERY! SPECIAL OFFER: 19 different functions. Large 3 liter food processor bowl. 1.5 litre blender bowl. Pulse button for better control. Chopping and blending attachment. Dough kneader. Blades for fine/coarse grating and slicing. Citrus press for freshly squeezed citrus fruit juices. Metal whisk for perfect whipping. Blades and discs: stainless steel chopping blade dough blade 4 snap in discs for coarse fine grating and slicing with an additional snap in chipping disc for French fries. Dishwasher safe bowl with safety lid . High speed liquidiser jug with safety lid.

Moulinex : MOULINEX AAT7R4

Moulinex : Optiblend 2000 Liquidiser AAW945 FREE DELIVERY! 1 ltr liquidizer capacity 1 speed Pulse control 300 watt power Mill attachment safety interlock

Moulinex : MOULINEX AAW947

Moulinex : Easy Max Hand Mixer and Stand ABM8 FREE DELIVERY! 200 Watt Power. 3 Speed and Turbo. Very easy to use and light

Moulinex : 'La Moulinette' Chopper AD56 FREE DELIVERY! Powerful 750 Watts. 200 gram capacity. Push button controlled. Spatula accessory. Optional blender accessory

Moulinex : Spiralio 3 Stainless Steel Hand Blender ADG342 FREE DELIVERY! Simple operation 250 Watt power anti splash foot cord attachment easy cleaning

Moulinex : Spiralio Hand Blender with chopper ADG4 FREE DELIVERY! With mini chopper 1 speed 250 watt power detachable plastic base soft touch function cord storage

Moulinex : Baby Chef ADQ7 FREE DELIVERY! 125 Watts. 60 Gram capacity. 0.4 Litre liquid capacity. Safety cut outs. Comes with 'baby' pots. FREE UK delivery!

Moulinex : Fridelys Deep Fryer AKE4 FREE DELIVERY! SPECIAL OFFER: Unique keep warm pull out draw keeps food warm while you continue to fry. Non stick removable bowl for easy cleaning. 2 litre oil capacity

Moulinex : Urbalys Deep Fryer AKF4 FREE DELIVERY! 1kg capacity. 2.1 litre oil capacity. Non Removable Bowl

Moulinex : MOULINEX AKG531

Moulinex : Illico Chopper AT71 FREE DELIVERY! 200 Gram measuring jug capacity. Blending function. Milkshake function. Mayo function. Dual speed chopping function for extra control. Milkshake function

Moulinex : Multitrio Chopper AV4 FREE DELIVERY! 260 Watts. 250 Gram chopping capacity. 0.6 Litre emulsifying capacity. 4 Egg capacity. Push button controlled. Clipping click. Cord storage clip. Safety lid

Moulinex : Chronomate Vario Iron AX9 FREE DELIVERY! 1400 Watt Variable steam output to 15 g/min Super pressing function to max 40 g/min Spray

Moulinex : Easy Power Blender AY45 FREE DELIVERY! Plastic Jug 1.5 ltr capacity pulse & auto clean function watertight lid safety system preventing access to blades during operation

Moulinex : Easy Power Blender with Mill AY46 FREE DELIVERY! As with AY45 but with additional mill

Moulinex : Illico Chopper AY92 FREE DELIVERY! 260 Watts. 2 Litre capacity. Controlled by pressure on the top. Lid for sprinkling with big and small holes. Cord storage suction grip. Safety locking system

Moulinex : Ocealys 300 Iron BA5 FREE DELIVERY! Powerful 1600 Watt Variable steam with high maximum of 25 g/min Super pressing function of 50 g/min Vertical Pressing Spray

Moulinex : MOULINEX BAB1P1

Moulinex : Juicemaster Frutti Pro Juice Extractor BKA14A FREE DELIVERY! One litre capacity New design with safty lock features Clean white colour with sleek look

Moulinex : MOULINEX BKA342

Moulinex : Vitapress Citrus Press BKB1 FREE DELIVERY! 30 Watt Citrus Press. 0.6 Litre transparent graduated bowl. 'Effipress' Double Rotation system

Moulinex : Dry Iron BX144 FREE DELIVERY! 1200 Watts Glide through with non stick soleplate Pilot Light

Moulinex : Berlingo Steam Iron BY1 FREE DELIVERY! 1400 Watts Variable steam output to max 15 g/min Super pressing output to max 40 g/min Spray

Moulinex : Two Slice Long Slot Toaster CS14 FREE DELIVERY! Cool Wall. Long Slot. Vari width for thick and thin slice toast. Variable browing levels

Moulinex : Odacio Food Processor DF3 FREE DELIVERY! 800 watts. 3 litre processor bowl with safety lid. 1.5 litre liquidiser jug with safety lid. 8 attachments. 2 speeds with pulse button. Easy to use 'sit on' position for the bowl and liquidiser. Simple lid and funnel placement. Clip System removable handles for the bowl and liquidiser for easy cleaning and storage. Large feet for greater stability

Moulinex : MOULINEX DFB145

Moulinex : Moulinex DG5 Vitasun 2 Food Processor FREE DELIVERY! Entry level food processor thats fantastic value 300 Watt Capacity 1.5 Litre Pluse function Stainless Steel knifes Citrus press Spatula Emulsifying disc 2 Blades

Moulinex : Moulinex DG6 Vitasun 2 Food Processor FREE DELIVERY! Entry level food processor thats fantastic value 300 Watt Capacity 1.5 Litre Pluse function Stainless Steel knifes Citrus press Spatula Emulsifying disc 2 Blades

Moulinex : Electric Knife DJAA42 FREE DELIVERY! 100 Watt power. Speed though roasts and slicing bread. Safety features. FREE UK Delivery

Moulinex : Moulinex Secanto Electric Knife DJAC41 FREE DELIVERY! New 2004 Model Ergonomic Handle Two Knifes with frozen food capability Safety catch

Moulinex : Yogurt Maker DJC1 FREE DELIVERY! 1 Litre capacity in 7 glass pots. Power on Indicator. Use by date can be indicated on the pot tops

Moulinex : Moulinex Power Mincer HV8 DKA2 FREE DELIVERY! New model Compact design with accessory storage Market leading Kg/Min Mincing capacity Metal head and grids

Moulinex : Toucan Fryer DR2 FREE DELIVERY! 1.2 Kg / 2.2 litre capacity. 1800 Watts. Automatic Rise and Fall! Totally automatic operation. Multi Filter for lower odour. Easy Clean. Viewing window. Teflon Tank. Handle independent of tank. Digital timer with sound. Safety cut out

Moulinex : Odyssey Steam Iron DZ4 FREE DELIVERY! 1800 Watts 'Explorer' Soleplate Limescale collector Water spray and Master spray

Moulinex : Mincer HV3ADRB FREE DELIVERY! Classic design and still the most popular. 450 Watt locked motor output. 1kg per minute average output. Metal head. 2 Steel grids kebbe accessory meat mould. Citrus press. Sausage maker. 3 Graters

Moulinex : Mincer HV6ADR7 FREE DELIVERY! 1200 Watt locked motor output. 1.5 kg per minute avarage output. 2 Steel grids. Kebbe accessory. Tray. Pusher. Reverse system to aviod blockage. Cord storage

Moulinex : Moulinex AAW941 / Optiblend 300W 1 litre capacity graduated goblet Grinder attachment Single speed and pulse button Lid with graduated feeder tube Cord storage Finish: White

Moulinex : Moulinex Deluxe Stainless Steel Mill MX843 FREE DELIVERY 180 Watts 85 Gram capacity Double safety system Quiet operation Cord Storage

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