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Prion Books Ltd : ART OF THE AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE Traces the history of American designers and their automobiles from the beginning of the 20th century. The book includes interviews with key figures in the industry, and features photographs of the cars as well as the original designs and drawings for cars that were never built.. Author:GEORGANO, NICK. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : POWER YOGA Presents a high-energy, high-heat yoga workout. Based on Astanga, an ancient form of yoga, this book includes a series of vigorous gymnastic stretching, strengthening and breathing positions. It describes 100 positions that should be held for 30-60 seconds each.. Author:BIRCH, BERYL BENDER. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : OGILVY ON ADVERTISING A guide which explains how to create advertising that works, how to run an agency, how to write successful copy, and what the future holds for the advertising industry.. Author:OGILVY, DAVID. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : MARTIAL ARTS OF THE ORIENT An introduction to the origins, philosophy and practice of the world's martial arts. This book provides a chapter-by-chapter tour of the many varieties of martial arts, such as aikido, lai-do, jiu-jitsu and Thai boxing, discussing how and why these arts developed, and their ways and laws.. Author:LEWIS, PETER. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : YOUR MEMORY Written in clear, accessible language, this is a guide to how your memory works and how to make it work for you. The book includes practical exercises to test your memory, advice on learning more effectively, and improving and sustaining your memory capacity.. Author:BADDELEY, ALAN (PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY, CENTRE FOR MEMORY AND LEARNING, UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL). Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : NAPOLEON AND HIS MARSHALS At a time when military commanders in Europe were royal princes and dukes, Napoleon's marshals were often the sons of peasants or clerks. And they were usually half the age of their opponents - whom they thrashed soundly with almost monotonous regularity. This is their story.. Author:MACDONELL, A.G.. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : CLASSIC COCKTAILS Mixes the classic cocktails while adding the cultural anecdotes and insider tips. This book includes a social history of the cocktail: its origins; great bartenders; bars; and drinkers of cocktails. Recipes, techniques for mixing drinks, and the equipment needed is also included.. Author:CALABRESE, SALVATORE (CHAIR, LONDON AREA UK BARTENDER'S GUILD). Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : WIT A collection of humorous quotations laid out in easy-to-read thematic sections, such as art, business and money, and drink and other drugs. This book features a wide range of people from Woody Allen and Oscar Wilde to Idi Amin and Frank Zappa.. Author:MACHALE, DES. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : STRANGER THAN PARADISE A study of the outsider directors who have come to dominate America's and Hollywood's creative output. This book places these directors within the story of the growth of American independent film-making, and draws connections to their forerunners from the late 1960s and 1970s.. Author:ANDREW, GEOFF. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : WELL-DRESSED GENTLEMAN'S POCKET GUIDE Do you know a Brogue from a Budapest? Or a Homberg from a Borsalino? This is a history of classic style for gentlemen. The book covers the entire wardrobe from suits, coats, shirts and shoes to the finer details, from umbrellas to underwear - their history, manufacture, materials and colours.. Author:LENIUS, OSCAR. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : SEX LIVES OF THE GREAT ARTISTS This eighth volume in the SEX LIVES series gives pen portraits of great artists who painted nudes, such as Picasso, Gauguin, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Goya, Dali and Degas. The author questions whether they were using the excuse of emulating the artists of the ancient world simply in order to persuade young men and women to take their clothes off.. Author:CAWTHORNE, NIGEL. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : CLASSIC TEQUILA There are hundreds of brands of tequila, from classics like Jose Cuervo to aged and reserve specialities and little-known small batch brands. This book includes the culture and history of tequila, how tequila is made, and an A-Z of all the classic brands with tasting notes.. Author:WISNIEWSKI, IAN. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : CLASSIC RUM A tour of rum in all its styles - white, golden and dark - this book examines its history and culture, how it's made, and features an A-Z of all the classic brands, their histories and tasting notes. In addition, there are recipes for rum-based drinks and tips on using rum for cooking.. Author:ARKELL, JULIE. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : REAL FOOD HANDBOOK This title guides the reader through the area of ingredients from around the world. It offers an A-Z of every staple ingredient you will find in the modern cook's pantry, where to buy, what to select and how to look after it and incorporate it into your cooking.. Author:DENNY, ROZ. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : BRIT.CULT Andrew Calcutt takes a lively and opinionated look at the real movers, shakers and innovators, the cultural icons, touchstones and shrines of what could truly be called British pop culture. Altogether this text paints a picture of a multi-cultural tapestry recycling the past in search of the new.. Author:CALCUTT, ANDREW. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : CLASSIC BRANDY The latest in this series on classic drinks explores the world of Cognac and Armagnac, grappa, marc and all other brandies made from grapes. The author gives a lot of insight into the cultural and historic background of his subject, as well as of its products.. Author:FAITH, NICHOLAS. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : CLASSIC GIN Gin is the world's second favourite spirit - a drink with popular appeal. This book examines its history, from its roots as a medicine through to its Prohibition heyday in 1920s USA. It also presents the distilling processes and tasting notes for all the classic gin brands from around the world.. Author:COATES, GERALDINE. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : ASPHALT JUNGLE A gripping tale of the planning and execution of a jewellery store heist in a dark and corrupt Midwestern metropolis. Set amid a seedy urban wasteland of crooks, killers and con-artists, the members of the gang are steadily undone by their personal obsessions (teenage girls and mistresses, friendships and blood ties), double-crossing and fate.. Author:BURNETT, W.R.. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : ALL THE KING'S MEN Set in the 1930s, this novel traces the rise and fall of an American demagogue - Louisiana Governor Willie Stark - a once humble man of the people, steadily corrupted by power. Often labelled a political novel, it is also about personal corruption and disillusionment.. Author:WARREN, ROBERT PENN. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : MEMOIRS OF THE DUC DE SAINT-SIMON 1691-1709 The court of Louis XIV was unequalled for splendour in Europe's history, a hotbed of intrigue and political skullduggery. The Duc de Saint-Simon was a man of political skill and influence at the heart of the royal court, and this is the first volume in his skilfully written memoirs of the time.. Author:SAINT-SIMON, DUC DE. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : WISECRACKS The wisecrack is that sharp comeback or reposte that leaves those around for dead. Rosemarie Jarski's selection mixes all the classic Hollywood lines with little known gems to leave your dinner guests for dead as you wisecrack like the best of them.. Author:JARSKI, ROSEMARIE. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : LAETITIA . Author:CASTA, L.. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : CASE OF SERGEANT GRISCHA Sergeant Grischa, an ordinary Russian soldier of World War I adopts the identity of a dead German soldier while escaping Germany. But when he is recaptured he finds he has taken the name of a deserter. Despite proving his innocence, he finds there is the need to show army discipline by example.. Author:ZWEIG, ARNOLD. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : DIARY OF A NOBODY Mr Charles Pooter is a well-meaning city clerk and one of a number of lower middle-class suburbanites set on improving their social standing. Aspiring to posterity, he embarks on a diary in which he is drawn into petty confrontations, including run-ins with idle tradesmen and abusive neighbours.. Author:GROSSMITH, GEORGE GROSSMITH, WEEDON. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : NO MOTHER TO GUIDE HER This is a caustic comicbook tale of Hollywood in its 1920s heyday. Anita Loos sets up a sardonic tour of the artifice and excess that is Hollywood: dreadful architecture, tasteless fashions, bizarre religious sects, mass murder, sex, divorce, industry neopotism and vacuous inhabitants.. Author:LOOS, ANITA. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : DIARY OF A PROVINCIAL LADY This is a gently self-effacing, dry-witted tale of a long-suffering and disaster-prone Devon lady of the 1930s. A story of provincial social pretensions and the daily inanities of domestic life to rival George Grossmith's "Diary of a Nobody".. Author:DELAFIELD, E.M.. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : CANNIBALISM IN THE CARS Mark Twain gives readers his sardonic sketches on everything from politicians, preachers, journalists, barbers, nagging wives, devious children and gullible low-lifes. Through these tales the violence, cruelty and plum stupidity of human nature is weaved into comedy.. Author:TWAIN, MARK. Discounted by 18%

Prion Books Ltd : EDUCATION OF HYMAN KAPLAN Leo Rosten wrote his first tale of Hyman Kaplan when he was 24 and it was published to great applause by the "New Yorker". Over the next two years the magazine ran all 15 of the original stories that were eventually published in 1937 as "The Education of Hyman Kaplan".. Author:ROSTEN, LEO. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : MAPP AND LUCIA "Mapp and Lucia" is the centrepiece of E.F. Benson's series of Lucia novels. She, recently widowed, is the newcomer to the village of Tilling and eager to wrest the reins of social supremacy from the incumbant Miss Mapp and install herself as its benevolent dictator.. Author:BENSON, E.F.. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : RETURN OF HYMAN KAPLAN Twenty years after his first collection of tales about that Don Quixote of adult education, Leo Rosten brought Hyman Kaplan back for a second term on the bottom rung in the beginner's grade at the American Night Preparatory School for Adults.. Author:ROSTEN, LEO. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : THRILL-MAD PUSSYCATS As America slowly relaxed its moral codes in the post war era, the pulp novels of the paperback racks offered an initiation of the previously hidden demi-mondes of sex and hedonistic excess. Pulp Postcards gathers together the starlets and the most daring of these jackets.. Author:DESIGNS, PC. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : HELLO GIRLS From the decade that taste forgot, this is a collection of 31 postcards from the Advertising Archives of the campest and worst-dressed male models - each Adonis replete with bouffant hair, handlebar moustache and unfeasibly hairy chest.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : NEVER TOO BUSY TO BE BEAUTIFUL Advertisers have always known that when it comes to making the fairer sex feel inadequate weight and looks are the easiest targets. This collection of postcards brings you the ads for lotions and potions that promised love and eternal happiness (or your money back) for the busy girl about town.. Author:DESIGNS, PC. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : PAPERS OF A.J.WENTWORTH, BA Close to retirement, A.J. Wentworth, though well-intentioned, is a humourless, ineffective educator of the old school. Despite an unshakeable faith in his own methods, he is ill-equipped to deal with the devious vagaries of the modern schoolboy.. Author:ELLIS, H.F.. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : AUGUSTUS CARP ESQUIRE, BY HIMSELF First published in 1924, Augustus Carp Esq is a spoof autobiography: a deadpan comic account of a climb to the heights of mediocrity by a humourless, religious oaf told in his own self-important, sermonizing tone. He is assiduous in exposing the sins of others while ignoring his own.. Author:BASHFORD, HENRY HOWARTH. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : CLASSIC MALT WHISKY This title tells all you need to know about malt whisky, from the processes of making it to the customs of imbibing it. Originally researched at the distilleries in Scotland, this is a guide for anyone who enjoys a dram, or two, and wants to know more of the drink's culture, origins and technology.. Author:WISNIEWSKI, IAN. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : SEVEN MEN AND TWO OTHERS In these sketches Max Beerholm mixes faux memoir with wild fantasy to lampoon the affections of the fin de siecle London literary scene. From Enoch Soames, the poet who makesa pact with the devil to the macabre tale of literary feuders, Maltby and Braxton.. Author:BEERBOHM, MAX. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : ENGLISH GENTLEMAN Originally written for Debrett's Peerage, Douglas Sutherland's guide to that endangered species, the English Gentleman, was intended as an antidote to all the endless, dull little books on manners and etiquette. It offers a window on the rather perverse world of the genuine article.. Author:SUTHERLAND, DONALD. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : DUKAYS The Dukays are the oldest aristocratic family in Hungary and this is the tale of their inexorable decline after World War I. During his lifetime Lajos Zilahy was a hugely popular novelist throughout Europe but his books have been out of print in English for several decades.. Author:ZILAHY, LAJOS. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : ORIENTAL RUGS An introduction to Oriental rugs, mainly for the would-be buyer, with an explanation of the vocabulary used, techniques for identification, how rugs are made, materials/dyes, families of styles, a gazetteer of countries, tribes and regions, buying, care and maintenance.. Author:WALKER, GORDON. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : LONDON BY PUB London is a great city for walking and what better way to view its history and its inns than on a pub walk. With a map to guide readers, this book features walks that have between 6 and 12 classic pubs, a number of stop-off sites of historic interest, and details on all the establishments featured.. Author:BRUNING, TED. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : DO UNTO OTHERS...THEN RUN Some of the most famous wits in history have taken to adapting or building upon well-worn and everyday expressions that we all know and giving them new life by subverting them for their own purposes. The compilers of this book have sought out the finest of these revised proverbs and phrases.. Author:LEY, G. DE POTTER, DAVID. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : WIT RIDES AGAIN Des MacHale, lifetime collector of funny remarks and devastating repartee brings another selection. All the entries are organised by theme so the reader can look for such subjects as media and films, sport, politics, love and marriage, sex, food and education.. Author:MACHALE, DES. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : IMPORTANCE OF BEING IDLE Offering inspirational advice, age-old proverbs, quotation and philosophical dialogues this title argues that idling has a centrally important role to play in both civilization and our day-to-day well-being.. Author:ROBINS, STEPHEN. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : THINGS A MAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT STYLE There are many areas of life in which you are a master - brilliant, confident, assured. But when it comes to dressing well and comporting yourself with style, what you don't know could fill a book. This is the book.. Author:OMELIANUK, SCOTT ALLEN, TED. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : POLYGLOTS This is the tale of an eccentric Belgian family living in the Far East through the uncertain years afer World War I and the Russian Revolution. The tale is recounted by their dryly conceited young English relative who comes to stay with them during his military mission to the East.. Author:GERHARDIE, WILLIAM. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : HOW TO BE A COMPLETE DANDY It's not just about dressing up. From Beau Brummell to Andy Warhol, the dandy is someone who has made his own life, and how he lives it, a work of art. This little encyclopedia of quotes and commentaries takes a humorous glance at the whole history of the dandy.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : MARSH-MARLOWE LETTERS This is a series of spoof letters between two denizens of the literary world. It takes the form of a correspondence between Gerald Marsh, a retired literary man and teacher and his ex-pupil Sir Harvey Marlowe, a grand publisher and biographer.. Author:BROWN, CRAIG. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : TOUCH OF DANIEL The Brandon family inhabit an absurd Northern world where the men say nowt if they can help it and the women carp endlessly without ever getting anywhere. Yet it soon becomes clear that in the Brandon household things are getting out of kilter.. Author:TINNISWOOD, PETER. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : WIT ON TARGET This volume was previously published as "Yet More Wit" but under that title it languished; yet it was every bit as good as the original "Wit". It joins "Wit", "Wit - the Last Laugh" and "Wit Rides Again" in this compendium of short, sharp quips.. Author:MACHALE, DES. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : WIT HITS THE SPOT This volume was previously published as "More Wit". It is organized by theme, so all the quotations on medicine and doctors, for example, are together, as are quotes relating to media and films, sports, politics, love and marriage, food, family and relations, education and many other subjects.. Author:MACHALE, DES. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : ELIZA STORIES Eliza is long-suffering and intelligent, her husband a pompous prig and a self-regarding idiot. Their life together is described through everyday incidents by the never-named husband, who reveals his own extraordinary foolishness quite unwittingly.. Author:PAIN, BARRY. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : STARKE Leslie Starke (1905-74) was one of the most inventive and best-loved cartoonists of his day. His jokes, usually without captions, show he was very much an innovator in what would now be called "off-the-wall" comedy. Here are nearly 200 of the best of Starke's inimitable drawings.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : DAVID LANGDON David Langdon, who was born in London in 1914, probably had more cartoons published in "Punch" than any other single contributor, drawing at least 5000 cartoons for that magazine alone over a period of 55 years. This book brings together nearly 200 of his finest drawings from 1937 to 2002.. Author:LANGDON, DAVID. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : ULTIMATE WIT This sixth volume in Des MacHales collection on Wit joins "Wit", "Wit Hits the Spot", "Wit on Target", "Wit - the Last Laugh", "Wit Rides Again". This is the flower of wit, the humorous remarks, repartee and quips made by some of the world's greatest minds.. Author:MACHALE, DES. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : MARNE The story of the Marne battle - where in 1914 the Kaiser's army was forced to retreat from Paris which ushered in the immobility of trench warfare. Georges Blond tells of the fatigue of the armies, the appalling casualties, the huge difficulties in communications, and the agonizing of the generals.. Author:BLOND, GEORGES. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : 100 PRETENTIOUS NURSERY RHYMES Scare young children and intimidate their parents when you take the humble nursery rhyme and transform it into a display of linguistic acrobatics. Here are 100 nursery rhymes and their verbose translations to memorise and regurigitate at all children's parties.. Author:POWELL, MICHAEL. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : KABUL CATASTROPHE In 1839 a large British army invaded Afghanistan in order to place upon the throne a ruler deemed more friendly to the British in Delhi than the incumbent Dost Mohammed. Although it started well, the enterprise ended in defeat and massacre.. Author:MACRORY, PATRICK. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : WORLD OF SIMON RAVEN It was said of Simon Raven that "he had the mind of a cad but the pen of an angel". This selection of his journalism contains an array of pieces on army life, cricket (another obsession), sex, school days and travel.. Author:RAVEN, SIMON. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : FAILURE'S GUIDE TO FLIRTING The world's best failure in flirting has chosen to write a book on the subject. Gleaned from years of experience (experience of rejection) and a lifetime's romantic failure, this book will show you just how bad flirting can get - and how to avoid making the same mistakes.. Author:TURNER, TRACEY. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : JEWISH HUMOUR Sigmund Freud started a collection of Jewish jokes but never published it. Ben Eliezer wrote two previous books - "The World's Best Jewish Jokes" and "More of the World's Best Jewish Jokes" - and he has plundered these long out-of-print books, taking the best of them, while adding new stories.. Author:ELIEZER, BEN. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : DARK PASSAGE Vince Parry, sentenced to life imprisonment in San Quentin for the murder of his wife, escapes. He tries to find out who framed him in an attempt to prove his innocence. He is harboured by a woman he doesn't trust, and is a fugitive from justice in the depths of despair.. Author:GOODIS, DAVID. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : SEX LIVES OF THE HOLLYWOOD GODDESSES Nigel Cawthorne lifted the lid on Hollywood sex, the wild parties, secret lovers, sordid pasts and tragic endings - and in this new volume he does the same for a whole batch of new screen legends including Ingrid Bergman, Anita Ekberg, Jayne Mansfield, Mae West, Dorothy Dandridge and Susan Hayward.. Author:CAWTHORNE, NIGEL. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : THINGS A WOMAN SHOULD KNOW ABOUT STYLE Firm but always fair, Karen Homer lays down the law and makes sure you hever have to commit another fashion faux-pas. Discover why you can never have too many white T-shirts, how to choose the right shoes and when to say "no" to this season's high fashion trends.. Author:HOMER, KAREN. Discounted by 27%

Prion Books Ltd : SEX LIVES OF HOLLYWOOD IDOLS . Author:CAWTHORNE, NIGEL. Discounted by 27%

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