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Rodale Press : COMPLETE BOOK OF ROAD CYCLING SKILLS Provides advice on equipment and skills, including tips on how to prevent injury and convert a mountain bike into a road bike.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : BANISH YOUR BELLY . Author:ROBINSON, KENTON. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : HAL HIGDON'S SMART RUNNING Presents questions and answers from the "Ask the Experts" column on America Online, with tips on equipment, technique, training, racing, and health and fitness.. Author:HIGDON, HAL. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : ZEN CAT Here is the perfect pairing of subjects - the ever mysterious cat and the spiritual philosophy of life embodied by the principles of Zen. With this text learn the lessons of the Zen masters from our feline companions.. Author:ADLER, JUDITH COUGHLIN, PAUL. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : QUILTER'S ULTIMATE VISUAL GUIDE Contains over 700 how-to illustrations for backing quilts, embellishment, paper piecing, machine quilting, and using templates and stencils.. Author:PAHL, ELLEN. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : BEN FRANKLIN'S ALMANAC OF WIT, WISDOM, AND PRACTICAL ADVICE A compendium of humor and advice from America's master of the aphorism mixes anecdotes with illustrations in a day-by-day almanac format that includes folk wisdom covering a wide variety of topics.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : PROJECTS FOR THE BIRDER'S GARDEN Featuring dozens of projects that can be easily and inexpensively assembled, this illustrated gardening guide for bird lovers explains how readers can make their yards into a playground, breeding ground, and feeding ground for birds of all species. Original. 20,000 first printing.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : HEALING WITH VITAMINS Examines the preventative and therapeutic powers of vitamins and minerals.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : CYCLING FOR WOMEN Advises women how to select comfortable clothing and gear, lose weight by combining cycling with healthy eating, and make roadside repairs, and offers tips on touring.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : MARATHON Offers advice to all levels of runners on how to develop the skills to finish a 26.2-mile marathon.. Author:HIGDON, HAL. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : VET ON CALL Describes home remedies for common dog illnesses and conditions and discusses behavior, care, and feeding.. Author:HOFFMAN MATTHEW. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : MEN'S HEALTH HARD-BODY PLAN A program designed to help men obtain health and fitness contains twelve-week exercise and weight-lifting plans, menus and recipes to implement into a diet plan, and information on energy bars and vitamins.. Author:KELLER, LARRY BOOKS, THE EDITORS OF MEN'S HEALTH. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : BICYCLING MAGAZINE'S An updated guidebook for mountain biking enthusiasts offers advice on bike selection, correct clothing, and vehicle maintenance and discusses riding techniques, workouts, effective skills, health, and much more. Original.. Author:PAVELKA, ED. Discounted by 27%


Rodale Press : EAT SMART, PLAY HARD The author spells out what active people of any ability need to eat in order to achieve peak fitness. The recipes and nutritional charts aid the various eating programmes offered for the different fitness goals, from pre-/post-workout meals, to boosting energy, losing weight and maximum strength.. Author:APPLEGATE, LIZ. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : TRY AND MAKE ME For the parents of defiant children, "Try and Make Me!" offers a seven-step programme that empowers parents to stop defiant behaviour and motivates children now only to behave but also to think and solve their own problems.. Author:LEVY, RAY O'HANLON, BILL GOODE, TYLER NORRIS. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : ETHNIC VEGETARIAN Ranging from Moroccan Zucchini Pancakes to Congo Moambe, a taste-tempting array of recipes for meatless dishes is based on African, Afro-Caribbean, Native American, Creole, Slavery and Southern, and Modern culinary traditions and is accompanied by tips on how to create an ethnic vegetarian kitchen, culinary techniques, personal reminiscences, and c. Author:MEDEARIS, ANGELA SHELF. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : RUNNER'S WORLD This week-by-week training journal contains top notch tips from experts, along with advice on motivation, running wisdom, strategy, gear and nutrition for every type of runner, from fitness joggers to competitive racers.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : BRAZILIAN HEALER WITH THE KITCHEN KNIFE In a look at mystical healers and miracle workers, the author describes her quest to find powerful, authentic spiritual healers around the world, and offers profiles some of the healers who truly provided effective treatment of various ailments.. Author:JOHNSON, SANDY. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : DECADENT DESSERTS FOR DIABETICS Based on current research into diet and diabetes, this guide to eating well even on a restricted diet offers 125 delicious dessert recipes designed to help diabetics enjoy their single daily serving of sweets. There is a complete nutritional analysis with every recipe.. Author:RAGONE, REGINA. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : BABY BISTRO COOKBOOK Baby food reaches a new level of sophistication in this collectin of 150 recipes for everything from finger foods to traveling snacks. 20,000 first printing.. Author:MUROMCEW, JOOHEE. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : FAGIOLI One of the most basic staples of food across the world, and especially in Italy, is the bean, an essential source of protein highlighted in a collection of 124 authentic Italian recipes, complete with an in-depth ingredient guide. 25,000 first printing.. Author:BARRETT, JUDITH. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : 8 WEEKS TO A HEALTHY DOG Shows readers how to extend the life expectancy of their dogs by controlling parasites, controlling diet, and providing opportunities for exercise.. Author:MESSONNIER, SHAWN. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : SHRINK YOUR FEMALE FAT ZONES Presents a workout plan that targets specific female "fat zones," and includes exercises and nutritional advice designed to reduce fat.. Author:AUSTIN, DENISE. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : PRINCIPLES OF RUNNING From a major figure in the running world comes a compendium of information and anecdotes about a life in motion. Champion marathon runner Amby Burfoot has created a distinctive resource to help runners run better, faster and farther.. Author:BURFOOT, AMBY. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : TRIATHLON TRAINING IN FOUR HOURS A WEEK A training program for prospective triathlon athletes with a minimum of running experience covers a different sport in each chapter and offers information on how to tailor a workout for individual needs.. Author:HARR, ERIC. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : SHYNESS BREAKTHROUGH Presents a series of simple strategies to help youngsters take hold of their apprehensions and overcome their anxieties with the help of nurturing parents and inventive approaches to the problem without causing stress or increasing their fears.. Author:CARDUCCI, BERNARDO. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : OUTWIT YOUR WEIGHT Moving beyond fad diets and extreme food regimens, the author focuses on the psychology of overeating and show readers how to use this knowledge to overcome cravings and beat the weight barrier. Reprint.. Author:NONAS, CATHY. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : HEALING THE HEART OF CONFLICT Conflict can only be resolved by making peace within as well as without, a philosophy outlined in-depth and described in eight steps by an experienced mediator, bringing his experience with international conflicts to a personal level.. Author:GOPIN, MARC. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : MAN'S GUIDE TO A CIVILIZED DIVORCE A guide for men on how to manage a divorce with civility and fairness offers advice on how to minimize emotional turmoil on both a divorcing couple and their children.. Author:MAGULIES, SAM. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : A.I.M OF GOLF A leading golf instructor explains the basics of his innovative visual approach to improving every aspect of one's game, presenting a series of imaging techniques that encompass the swing, putting, pitching, chipping, bunker shots, course management, and more, with two hundred captioned full-color photographs that take readers through each step in. Author:SPEARMAN, MITCHELL. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : COVERED IN HONEY "Covered in Honey" should appeal to healthy eaters searching for recipes using natural sweeteners and to foodies who will appreciate the range of subtle flavours awaiting their discovery.. Author:NIALL, MANI. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : TAKING ON HEART DISEASE Celebrities speak out on their personal battles with the ravages of heart disease, accompanied by information from some of the nation's leading cardiologists on the medical implications of each case.. Author:KING, LARRY. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : CHAKA! With the fierce honesty and unconquerable spirit that made her a musical icon, Chaka Khan reveals the story of her life's wild rise and shares lessons that will resonate with women everywhere.. Author:KHAN, CHAKA BOLDEN, TONYA. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : BREAST CANCER HUSBAND A guide for men whose wives contract breast cancer offers emotional support and advice every husband needs, including guidance from breast cancer doctors and the shared experiences of those who have gone through the same ordeal.. Author:SILVER, MARC A.. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : RUNNER'S WORLD GUIDE TO ADVENTURE RACING Presents strategies for racers of any experience level on endurance and adventure running, discussing such topics as training, equipment, eating, sleeping, and obtaining sponsorship.. Author:ADAMSON, IAN. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : COLOURFUL, CASUAL, AND COMFY QUILTS The joy of quilting is laid bare in this guide to warming the home and heart with patterns and designs for everything from full-sized quilts to wall hangings. Original.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : CANYON RANCH COOKS "Canyon Ranch Cooks" incorporates the Canyon Ranch philosophy of nutritional intelligence - considering nutrition while using common sense; listening to your body's needs; and enjoying the many delights of eating. From soups to desserts, the recipes are designed for people who like to cook and tantalize anyone who eats.. Author:CORREIA, BARRY UEHLEIN, SCOTT. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : TEEN CODE Offers a parent-teen communication guide that draws on interviews with hundreds of teens, as well as the author's own experience, to explore the best ways for parents to discuss sex, drugs, and privacy, and other challenges confronting adolescents.. Author:GODFREY, RHETT GODFREY, NEALE S.. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : PEOPLE WE KNOW, HORSES THEY LOVE Presents interviews with celebrity horse lovers who speak about the bond they share with their horses, together with photographs of them and their horses, ranches and stables.. Author:RAPPAPORT, JILL WILKINSON, WENDY. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : MEN'S HEALTH TOTAL BODY WORKOUT POSTERBOOK . Author:. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : MRS. CLEAN JEAN'S HOUSEKEEPING WITH KIDS Presents strategies for motivating children to assist with housekeeping responsibilities, suggesting such methods as the creation of a family calendar, planning busy night menus, and creating personalized storage spaces.. Author:ARONSON, TARA. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : BICYCLE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR An updated fifth edition of the indispensable bicycle handbook includes information on new road and mountain bike models, specialized seats, V-brakes, and more, as well as the latest specifications, repair and maintenance guidelines, and many new photographs and a detailed troubleshooting section. Original. 30,000 first printing.. Author:DOWNS, TODD. Discounted by 18%

Rodale Press : YEAR FULL OF FLOWERS Introduces a series of innovative and creative ways to bring flowers into one's life throughout every season of the year, offering helpful instruction in the basics of flower arranging, from essential equipment and techniques to guidance on design principles of colour, balance, texture, and proportion.. Author:MCCANN, JIM MCCANN-MULLIGAN, JULIE. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : IT'S A STITCH A richly illustrated handbook introduces complete instructions for twenty-one beautiful, easy-to-make quilting projects that range from coverings for different size beds to unique wall hangings, accompanied by handy tips, techniques, and creative patterns that can be adapted to suit individual projects and fabrics. Original. 10,000 first printing.. Author:. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : STICK DOG / SILLY DOG . Author:KENNEDY, FLORA. Discounted by 18%

Rodale Press : ONE SMART COOKIE Presents low-fat renditions of favorite cookie recipes, including such treats as triple chocolate chunk cookies and cheesecake brownies, as well as tips on low-fat baking, guides to incredients, and nutritional strategies.. Author:ROSENDAAL, JULIE VAN. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : UNEQUAL PROTECTION Arguing that corporations control modern-day society, culture, politics, and economics, the author of The Prophet's Way calls for an end to corporate abuses and for a rise of a grassroots revolutionary movement to take back the government from business, shift to a values-based economy, and eliminate the consequences of a consumerist society. Reprin. Author:HARTMANN, THOM. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : MAKING THE MOST OF SHADE A practical introduction to the art of shade gardening explains how to design and maintain a beautiful and flourishing shade garden, describing nearly three hundred perennials, annuals, bulbs, ferns, ornamental grasses, and climbing plants that will thrive without direct sunlight and featuring expert designs for five different types of shaded garde. Author:HODGSON, LARRY. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : BRILLIANT FOOD TIPS AND COOKING TRICKS A definitive home cooking reference presents more than five thousand innovative tips and tricks that cover every aspect of cookery, in a handy guide that is alphabetically organized for easy access and includes step-by-step illustrations, informative sidebars, and more than nine hundred recipes. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.. Author:JOACHIM, DAVID. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : ANN LOVEJOY'S ORGANIC GARDEN DESIGN SCHOOL Suggests ways to implement her organic design principles into landscaping, and provides instructions on caring for an ecologically sound garden.. Author:LOVEJOY, ANN. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : TRACE YOUR ROOTS WITH DNA Two leading genealogists explain how the latest techniques in genetic testing can help readers research their ancestry and family history, discussing what kind of information DNA testing can provide, how to interpret the results, what is and is not possible with genetic testing, and more. Original. 15,000 first printing.. Author:SMOLENYAK, MEGAN TURNER, ANN. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : ROMAN CANDLE By the age of 8 Bobby Darin knew he was doomed to die young. So he set out to become a showbiz legend. Now 32 years after his death at 37, we have a multi-layered portrait of this brash, gifted artist.. Author:EVANIER, DAVID. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : LIVING ON THE EDGE Celebrates the natural world in a study of the complex interrelationships that exist among wildlife in four ecosystems--the Brazilian Pantanal, Arizona's Sonoran Desert, the Costa Rican rainforest, and the East African savannah.. Author:CORWIN, JEFF. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : SUB 4:00 Provides a close-up portrait of champion runner Alan Webb, who in 2001, at the age of eighteen, broke a thirty-six-year-old record by running the fastest mile in history, describing his efforts to battle the demands of college, media attention, professional endorsements, injuries, and the sport he loves. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.. Author:LEAR, CHRIS. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : MEN FAKE FOREPLAY A humorous look at men and relationships analyzes a man's psyche as it explores the diverse influences that shape one's character - including men's experiences with trust, commitment, masculinity, role models, cheating, and relationships with women.. Author:DUGAN, MIKE. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : SLAM Commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of Bobby Jones's remarkable 1930 season, a portrait of the legendary golfer looks at his Grand Slam victories in terms of his rise to success in the sport of golf and the devastating impact of fame and adulation for a intensely private man. 30,000 first printing.. Author:SAMPSON, CURT. Discounted by 27%

Rodale Press : SAVING PAR Introduces a variety of proven techniques for overcoming challenging shots to drop strokes from one's golf game, presenting a variety of techniques, preparation advice, and skill guidelines to help golfers address a variety of difficult shots, from tee-offs to putting, in a range of terrains. Original. 20,000 first printing.. Author:SONES, TODD. Discounted by 27%

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