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Cheapest Tefal Shops UK Online

The summary below is a selection of the top online shops which provide some extra special offers on Tefal items...

The list below contains some of the brand items available to buy Tefal

Click on one of the top online stores for some cheaper deals on Tefal items.

Tefal : TEFAL 1914851P

Tefal : TEFAL 2911

Tefal : TEFAL 2941

Tefal : Tefal 2911 Iron

Tefal : Tefal FV5135 Iron

Tefal : Tefal FV9130 Iron

Tefal : Tefal FV4190 Iron

Tefal : Tefal 2941 Iron

Tefal : Tefal FV9250 Iron

Tefal : TEFAL 5328.16 CHROME

Tefal : TEFAL 5328.17

Tefal : Tefal 6157 2 TIER Steamer

Tefal : Tefal 8747 CHROME Toaster

Tefal : Tefal 6161.15 Steamer

Tefal : Tefal 6161.19 CHROME Steamer

Tefal : Tefal 8759 BSTEEL Toaster

Tefal : Tefal 92051 CHROME Kettle

Tefal : Tefal VC400315317 Steamer

Tefal : Tefal VC400415 VITAMIN PLUS Steamer

Tefal : Tefal BF673012 Kettle

Tefal : Tefal 1914851P Kettle

Tefal : TEFAL 6157 2 TIER

Tefal : TEFAL 6161.15

Tefal : TEFAL 6161.19 CHROME

Tefal : TEFAL 625717

Tefal : TEFAL 8747 CHROME

Tefal : TEFAL 8759 B/STEEL

Tefal : TEFAL 92051 CHROME

Tefal : TEFAL BF673012

Tefal : TEFAL FF100015

Tefal : TEFAL FF401015

Tefal : TEFAL FV4190

Tefal : TEFAL FV5135

Tefal : TEFAL FV9130

Tefal : TEFAL FV9250

Tefal : Tefal 1520 / Steam Spray Iron 1500W Variable steam output 0-25g min Water spray Full range thermostat Superglide soleplate Removable anti-scale valve 200ml water tank Visible water level Tap water use Express filling system Cord exists left or right 1.8m textile cord Extended heel FINISH: White with pastel lilac tank

Tefal : Toaster 4 Slice `Avanti` Chrome

Tefal : Steamer 2 Basket

Tefal : Steamer 3 Tier `Easystore`

Tefal : Fryer `Prissima 2`

Tefal : Iron Steam Avantis Jos 120

Tefal : Tefal 1821 / Avantis Auto Vertical/Jet Steam Iron 1900W 30g/min constant steam, 60g/min jet of steam Automatic control Vertical steam Ultraglide diffusion soleplate Easy to use self-clean system Removable anti-scale valve Linear thermostat button 250cc water tank with wider door Large JOS and spray buttons 2m multi-directional cord

Tefal : Tefal 2820 / Steam Generator Iron 2000W 60g shot of steam Vertical steam for ironing curtains and delicates Lightweight iron 1 litre of water contained in seperate unit Water is boiled and kept under pressure giving 1.5 hours of continuous steam Ultraglide soleplate Diamond shaped soleplate to prevent rucking of fabric Horizontal iron rest Finish: White

Tefal : Tefal 2830 / Steam Generator Iron Variable steam with up to 65g/min of constant steam Vertical steam 1 litre water tank 1.5 hours continuous steam ironing Ultra glide soleplate Cord storage Finish: Blue tank with white body

Tefal : Tefal 2911 / Steam Generator 2200W Variable steam with up to 70g/min of constant steam Vertical steam Hi performance stainless steel boiler Fast heat up, ready for use in 2 minutes and re-fill any time 1 litre water tank 0.3 litre boiler tank Ultra glide diffusion soleplate Cord storage 1.8m steam cord length 2.2m power cable length Finish: Blue tank with white body

Tefal : Tefal 2931 / Pro Express Steam Generator 2200W Variable steam with up to 100g/min of steam Vertical steam Stainless steel boiler with outside heating element 3 minute fast heat up function Refillable, detachable water tank with visible water level Empty water tank indicator light Ultraglide diffusion soleplate Automatic cord retractor Cord storage Finish: Blue tank with white body

Tefal : Tefal 5328 / Avanti 4 Slice Deluxe Toaster Thick n thin featureVariable browning controlUnique high lit mechanismCancel functionReheat functionFrozen bread settingLarge hinged crumb drawerCool touch exteriorPolished chrome finish

Tefal : Tefal 6161 / 3 Tier Steamer Steams vegetables, fish, meats and rice 3 steam baskets 1.4 litre rice bowl Integrated egg steaming rack Turbo steam system 60 minute timer with bell On/off light Auto switch off Water spout to full water reservoir Stock tray Inter-stackable bowls Clip on carry handle Dishwasher safe bowls Free colour recipe book Finish: White

Tefal : Tefal 6213 / Prissma Fryer Permanent filter Adjustable thermostat control On/off switch Cool touch walls Lockable lid Store away handle Finish: White

Tefal : Tefal FV3160 / Superglide 60 Steam Iron 1700W 25g/min continuous steam output Jet of steam: 60g/min Superglide soleplate 200ml water tank Easy clean 2.3m cord Finish: White with blue tank

Tefal : Tefal FV3161 / Superglide 60 Steam Iron 1700W 25g/min continuous steam output 60g/min jet of steam Superglide soleplate 200ml water tank Easy clean 2.3m cord Finish: Lavender

Tefal : Tefal FV4180 / Ultraglide Diffusion 80 Steam Iron 1800W 30g/min continuous steam output Jet of steam: 70g/min 70g/min vertical steam Ultraglide soleplate 250ml water tank Easy clean 2.3m cord Finish: White with green tank

Tefal : Tefal FV5150 / Aquaspeed 150 Steam Iron 2200W 35g/min continuous steam output Jet of steam: 90g/min Vertical steam Ultraglide soleplate Longlife anti-scale system 300ml water tank Large water fill for 5 second refill Anti-drip Easy clean Softgrip handle 2.5m cord Finish: White/lavender

Tefal : Tefal PR22 / Fryer 1900W 1.2kg food capacity 2.1 litre oil capacity Adjustable thermostat control On/off switch with pilot light Coolwall body Non stick fixed bowl Removable lid and basket Hermetically sealed handled locking lid Automatic lid opening Permanent filter External plastic handle Plug storage Finish: White

Tefal : TEFAL VC400315/317


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