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Cheapest Kitchen Scales Shops UK Online

The summary below is a selection of the top online shops which provide some extra special offers on Kitchen Scales items...

The list below contains some of the category items available to buy Kitchen Scales

Click on one of the top online stores for some cheaper deals on Kitchen Scales items.

Kitchen Scales : Soehnle Food Pilot Scales & Body Control Software This intelligent diet computer not only weighs exactly to the gram but also knows the nutritional value of approximately 400 foods: fat, protein, carbohydrate, carbohydrate conversion factors, kilocalories, kilojoules and cholesterol. These values can be calculated, stored and then recalled. The diet computer also shows the volume of liquids (millilitres).The multifunction scale features an ergonomic and perfectly shaped console and an extra large LCD display. Replaceable long-life battery included, for 20 years weighing without needing a battery replacement.Complete with Body Control Software - the manager for a healthy and lasting weight loss, featuring 6,500 foods with 35 categories of nutritional content; 200 sports; detailed body fat analysis; Body Mass Index; Nutrition dictionary from A-Z and weight and body fat trend analysis.Capacity: 2kg. with 3 year guarantee.

Kitchen Scales : Soehnle Integrale Kitchen Scales Functionality down to the very last detail. The first wall-mounted electronic scale to combine exclusivity and functionality. The unique appearance adds a new dimension to the kitchen, where it has a permanent place and consequently always looks neat and tidy. After use, it simply folds up flat against the wall. Includes exchangeable long-life lithium battery.10 year comprehensive guarantee.Capacity: 2kg/4lb 7oz.Image depicts chrome option.

Kitchen Scales : Soehnle Triple Kitchen Scales ~ 2kg Capacity An out of this world design from Soehnle with down to earth functionality. The triple launches a new era in kitchen decor with the daring yet minimalist design.10 year comprehensive guarantee.Capacity: 2kg/4lb 6oz.The triple is available in both silver and white finishes. Please make your selection from the box below. There is a wide range of kitchen scales on To see the entire range, simply click on the 'More Like This' button below.

Kitchen Scales : Soehnle Cyber Kitchen Scales ~ 2kg Capacity High-tech kitchen scales for the modern way of life. This designer object in high-satin chrome and glass is not only the highlight in the kitchen but also in every office. The range of colours of the matte, chrome plated body of the scales matches recent interior trends. Replaceable, long-life lithium battery included.10 year SOEHNLE comprehensive guarantee.Capacity: 2kg/4lb 6oz.

Kitchen Scales : Soehnle Victoria Kitchen Scales Victoria kitchen scales, Grandma's scales with todays accuracy, complete with brass pan.10 year SOEHLNE comprehensive guarantee.Capacity: 10kg/22lb.

Kitchen Scales : Equilibrium Scales & Pebble Weight Set Equilibrium Scales by Bliss define the balance of style and function in the kitchen.Equilibrium is a collection of functional, innovative and interesting products designed in Britain by a team led by Sebastian Conran exclusively for Bliss. They are a benchmark of contemporary style and substance, for use in the home environment to give lasting service and pleasure.Equilibrium scales, designed to last a lifetime both in terms of style and quality. Manufactured from chrome-plated die-cast alloy and bullet resistant polycarbonate.Pans available in two colours, Clear or Blue. Please make your selection from the drop down box below.Equilibrium pebble weight set, these solid metal chrome weights have a beautiful organic finish.Presented in a stylish tin as a 9 piece set.Weights include:5gm 2 x 10g 25gm 2 x 50gm 100gm 250gm 500gm.Dimensions:Height 19cm x depth 35cm x width 27cm.

Kitchen Scales : Weighing Scales With Body Fat Index

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